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My name is Juha Ekman and I welcome you to my site. This site (and my YouTube channel) is all about crypto and the deep research I put into it with the utmost transparency included. I like complex things and I want to simplify the crypto space so you have a better understanding of it. It’s like solving a very complex puzzle that is constantly changing. I got into crypto roughly at the peak of 2021 May, and I got rekt. I however traded my way to profit and the more I studied and invested in crypto the more I fell in love with it.

Crypto can be a scary place and even starting with crypto is already somewhat intimidating. However with this site and with the YouTube channel I have, I try to bring the research and the daily findings to you, so you can make good decisions in the crypto space. If anything I hope you enjoy your stay, find valuable information, and stay safe in the crypto market.

I also want to point out that I will never shill, pump or dump a coin or a token. I also never take money in any form or shape to promote a coin or a token. All the tokens I mention on my channel or on my site are just examples of tokens that I have traded, seen noteworthy, or have just stumbled upon. I also only recommend services that I have seen good or usable. I also encourage you to do your own research even though the information you find on my channel or on this site is already well researched.



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