5XB10 Quality vs. Quantity

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In this episode, we discuss the present form of internet marketing and what is actually quality content and what is quantity content. Do you bring value by producing what type of content?


5XB10 Quality vs. Quantity


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What’s up guys and gals? It’s exciting to talk about content as that’s kind like the era where we are currently living in, producing that content, constantly.

And today I wanted to show you, well I don’t show you anything, you know, but talk about the quality and quantity content concept and what is actually quality content, what is quantity?

You see a bunch of articles and blog posts posted online daily in the amount of millions. So are those all quality content or is it just quantity?


Aiming for quality

And the thing I’m aiming for is quality of course. Now, I’m not saying that these podcasts episodes are full of quality content. I hope it will be, but then again, I don’t know, because it’s always related to the person that is listening to these podcasts.

If you think this is valuable, then it’s quality content, right? If you think this episode sucks it could totally be that way. Like this could just suck but yeah, that’s the thing, you make the decision.

And currently I’m in the phase of doing quality content, and I like to produce quality content, and you should always produce quality content. But the thing is that, can you always do that. Can you always deliver only quality, can you always deliver only value?

Or is something like posting on Instagram something like, “Oh here’s my new car, or I’m going to my cabin today, or something,” you know. I’m going through the forest, and then you take a selfie and post it on Instagram. Is that quality?

Now you might be living a quality life, and that cabin might be quality, but then again, is that post and content, is that quality? There’s a big difference, so I think those posts are more like quantity and getting that stuff out.


Small pieces of quality content

And in that sense, this podcast it’s kind of like quality, but I’m trying to create small quality pieces or valuable pieces in quantity. Small snippets of things. So it creates quantity, but then it has this value in it.

To be honest, I don’t like to listen to too long podcasts. Like those podcast episodes that last like one hour or an hour and a half. I think those are way too long. I don’t have the time in my day to listen to that kind of episode where you just talk hours on end.

And that’s my view on quantity. I’m not even sure if that’s quality anymore. Hard to say. Then again as I’m you know, at the beginning of my podcast career, and journey. It could be that the quality slightly suffers because I have to think my words a bit more.

I have to search for those words and my pronunciation. I have to focus on that so that you actually understand what I’m saying here. So there is a learning curve to this whole thing. I think the content that I’m giving and sharing my thoughts about the whole business-building thing, I think that’s the quality thing.

And while it’s sometimes quantity, I still try to make it quality.


How to create quality content?

Yeah, the whole quality thing. I think it’s said in the online forums and Facebook groups, and all of those that the better content you have and the more value you give, the better. And I agree, it’s beneficial for all of us to produce quality content that gives value.

You should only produce that kind of content out there if you’re producing something else. Like something that doesn’t give any value to others, like telling about your day and how it went and those kinds of things. It’s entertaining but is it valuable, is it quality?

Is the quality coming from the production values that are given to the actual episode, for example? Is the video so well-made, that the value point of view is totally forgotten and you only focused on the production values, not the value that is actual… What is the video all about?

So for me, I always try to bring value, but it’s not easy. There’s a very strong supply of value and giving at the moment, and that’s a good thing, but then comes the concept of giving so-called value. I think you have read all those how-to articles and while some of those how-to articles, give you that value you were looking for.


5XB10 True value changes you as a person


What is true value?

But when it comes to the true value, I think the value that changes you as a person, or changes you or your business? I think that’s real value. That is something concrete and I think ebooks and ecourses are the ones that actually give you real value.

So now, let’s say, how to start a podcast, you can find a bunch of articles on how to start a podcast. And they are all… Well, most of them, are all value. So in that sense, I can’t say like ebooks and ecourses only… They are the only place that brings you value.

All those how-to articles, they are valuable but when you are looking for something like life-changing. Something that takes your business to another level. You probably need to pay for that information. Now, that information is, I think, always available online for free.

But the thing, like for ebooks and ecourses, for example. They are all compiled information. So they are very tightly packed on value. There is zero filler. Like my podcast, it’s full of fill, nothing fluff and happy thoughts, and nothing concrete it all. That’s a joke.

But anyway, the thing is that those ecourses and eBooks they are so tightly packed, and they only provide the thing you actually need. So when you are looking for quality content, I think the best way to get that is through money, investing your money.

And, even though there’s a bunch of those how-to articles on how to start a blog, for example, I have one of those, and yeah, it’s a quality article, it’s a valuable article and will give value for many.


Do you have to pay for quality content?

But when it comes to the subtle decisions and things and mindset, and developing yourself as a business person, then I offer that Power Blog Academy, which has the condensed information that will fire your blog to another level.

And I think that’s the thing with quality and quantity, content. So in that sense, I slightly think that all the free information out there is, kind of like quantity. And the quality information is in those products you buy. Now I’m not sure about the whole concept that I just presented, but it’s just a thought.

And I’m in love with online courses and those ebooks and just for the reason that they are so fully packed on value. I think the free information out there is somewhat quantity. But yeah, I’ll leave you with that thought.

Do share your feedback and comment on this episode. It would be nice to hear your thoughts on it, but yeah, until next episode I wish you a very, very good day. Remember you are building your business step-by-step, bite-by-bite. I see you in the next episode, so bye!


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