5XB11 Focus On Yourself Not Others

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This episode all about you and how you should focus on yourself and by doing that you hopefully and slowly become immune to outside noise.


5XB11 Focus On Yourself Not Others


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What’s up everybody. And most importantly, what’s up you, how are you doing? So, in this episode, we will be talking about how to actually focus on yourself and not to others. Now, this is something new to me and something which I just figured it out, it’s still sinking in. And I’m not sure how to think about this whole concept, but listen up.

Okay, so think about the social media currently, and the whole world how it’s working and how you are marketed new products and how everything is very fast and real and present.

So there’s like a bunch of noise out there whenever you go to the center or the city or whatever. Wherever you are living, and you go to the place where there are the most people in. There’s a bunch of noise out there, and the noise is actually messages to you.


Beliefs, habits

To change your beliefs, habits, and ways to do things. Okay. So the noise is somewhat controlling you, so for example, there’s a new product in the fitness area, for example, I think the whole fitness, or fitness genre or niche is something easy to talk about.

So everyone understands what’s fitness and weight loss and those kinds of things. So you are marketed a new product, and it has a headline, kind of like “Lose weight now to feel good inside.” Something like this. Now, that’s yet again noise and something that could affect your view on things.

So now, what if you don’t focus on those kinds of things, what if you only focus on yourself and not to others. What if you shouldn’t or wouldn’t care about other people’s opinions. Or what if you wouldn’t care what you should do or what you shouldn’t do. What if you just to live your life the way you want to live it.


Social media and what to think about

So for example, you post something to Instagram or better said, you are not posting something to Instagram. So what’s the reason behind that decision you have made. Like you have decided not to post something on Instagram, or you have decided not to post something on Twitter or Facebook for example, what’s the reason behind that decision?

Is it because you feel insecure about yourself, is it because you think or you are scared of other peoples opinions. And you think like, If I post this, what might the others say. What is their reaction to your post?

Now, what is the reason why you care? Why should you care? And that comes down to the judgment you are afraid. You are afraid of being judged by the post you have made. Now, why is it so? Why do we care? Why should we care?

It’s a very difficult concept, to be honest, and as I said in the beginning, it’s still sinking in. Something I’m still struggling like I don’t do things because I feel,.. I think it’s an insecurity, to be honest. I feel insecure about posting something on some channel, for example, taking a selfie.

I haven’t used to do that like it’s… It doesn’t feel good, but then again, it’s a thing you could do and the more you do that. Or the more you do those things that feel uncomfortable, the easier it will get. It’s that kind of thing.


Feeling uncomfortable and be prepared for it

Posting something new to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, to the social media in general, it could feel uncomfortable. And the feeling comes from the insecurity you might have inside you.

So what if we changed that? What do we think about the whole thing? Like I don’t care, so I just post, and I don’t care. Like I don’t care, what people think about me. I don’t care if the picture is ugly or beautiful what if it’s just a picture. What if you don’t give a meaning to it, what if you just post that content and feel good about it.

You know, you have given something of yourself to others. And from my perspective, that’s very, very generous of you, a very valuable thing to do, a very honorable thing to do, it’s a beautiful thing.

It’s said social media is very cold and it’s not so warm. Social media is kind of like faceless. Then again, that emphasize the whole thing of being able to post something to social media, because it’s so faceless. And you really shouldn’t care what other people say, and you should just do the things that you feel good about.

And even though it might feel uncomfortable, like we are, building a business here. So you do have to do something that feels uncomfortable, and posting that Instagram photo fo your face every now and then or sharing your thoughts on Twitter, or doing a Facebook Live, for example, you probably have to do that at some point.


5XB11 Overcome the feeling of being scared


Should you care about other peoples opinions

But the way to overcome the feeling of being scared about it or being afraid is that you just have to do it and you cannot care if someone says like. Oh, that sucks, your video sucks, or podcast sucks. I don’t care if my podcast sucks. It’s a decision you have made you can listen to this or hit the stop button and go to some other podcast channel, for example. That’s a decision.

So, if you don’t enjoy the content, you can always decide to go for something other, and there’s the thing. When I realized that, okay, you have a decision to make, you can either leave or stay. And when I create this podcast, I shouldn’t care. Of course, my intention is for you to give you something valuable, but if you don’t see the value in it, I can’t help. And when I can’t help, “it’s wrong to say I don’t care if I can’t help” but you know the thing is, I think you know what I mean?

Don’t be afraid of the judgment. They don’t know you. And when they don’t know you, the real you. This is real me speaking to you, that’s not the thing. But you know we haven’t met, and when you haven’t met me, that distance between us, like you don’t truly know what kind of person I am. So why should I care what the other people say about me? When they don’t know me.


Focus on yourself

I think the focus should always be in you, and you should always focus on yourself when you are posting something to the world and giving some value to the world. So don’t be afraid of the judgment that you might get in the end. It doesn’t really matter, you are building something great to yourself and for others, of course, and that’s the thing that matters.

So for me, I’m still getting used to the idea of doing this and focusing on myself rather than not caring if someone says that my content sucks. Hopefully, you got something valuable from this episode, and I gave you new thoughts on where you should put your focus on and why especially why.

So yeah hopefully this was a good episode for you. Until the next episode, I wish you a very very pleasant day and try to remember to focus on yourself and to your business and make your business awesome. I’ll see you soon, Bye!


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