5XB12 Why Patience Is Everything

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When you are building a business, you more than likely are rushing into things and getting as much done as possible in a very short period of time. Now, this creates a cycle of bad decisions as you don’t have enough patience to think things through. If you are in this spot, do listen to this episode.


5XB12 Why patience is everything


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Hi there, guys and galls. So yeah, I have to say this episode will be something different. Well, probably, probably not. Not yet sure but the topic will be patience and how I’m certainly not patient.

When you’re building a business, you want to get results fast, you have started a business, and you want to get that money and cash rolling in and when that doesn’t happen. You become impatient. And when that happens, you start to make bad decisions.

And I have been talking about decisions before, and I have been talking about being patient before. I wanted to emphasize why it’s pretty important to have patience. And one thing that I have noticed is that when you are working a nine to five job.

The job is actually stressing you out in some way. If it’s not yet stressing you out, it means that you are building your business in a hobby mode and you wish that something good happens, when you are building a business in a very serious mode. The thing is that the nine to five job starts to feel like it’s draining you and you are in a prison sot to say.


There’s only so much time

You have a limited amount of time in your day, and all you want to do is build your business and while you cannot do that because you have the nine to five job. You do start to stress out of getting out of that situation.

So that feeling of getting out creates the impatience within you, and it’s all because you are hurt and you are in pain. You just feel like the situation you are in, it’s not for you, and all you want to do is to build that business.

You don’t get that freedom to your life, like owning your business and being your own boss and controlling your fate. So it’s a very hard transition from doing good decisions, and having that patience while working nine to five job.

So what good comes from being patient. You make thoughtful and smart decisions by being patient. You don’t rush in, you don’t just go for it, and hope for the best. You think through the whole concept of your business and what do you want to achieve with it?


5XB12 There's only so much time


Are you impatient?

Now, I can’t say like I’m very… I have to say I’m pretty impatient, but that’s something I try to learn and try to manifest in myself to somehow get better at it. But when I feel patient, and I feel like I can wait, like I don’t have to hurry. Then I feel like I can control things better, and I can focus on the direction I want to go for and have in my business.

So, when I don’t think like I’m in a hurry, I think I make better decisions concerning my business. And what bad comes from being impatient. You make quick decisions, and those quick decisions usually bring you short-term results.

You might get money for example, by selling a product you have just made and the only goal you had with this kind of mentality with those quick decisions and being impatient is that you are looking for those short-term results and fast cash.

And while that’s fantastic to get some money from out of your business, the thing is. Is it really lasting is it something you see it will bring you money after 5 to 10 years. Now that’s a very different question.


Building it evergreen

And something I have realized in the past few days is that when I’m building something like some product or service or course, I have to think about the evergreen factor in it. I really have to think if the product I’m creating is something that is relevant after five years and if it’s not then I should be thinking, should I even create that product or service?

So if the information you give to people, vanishes in five years, the information might be good, like the first three to four years, and the ones that buy the product you have or the service, for example, an online course from you, they might get the information they were looking for, but what happens when the fifth-year comes?

And your online course has been on sale for a while, is that information still valid, is it something that will benefit the buyer and the customer? And that’s something that really hit me a few days ago. I have always build my products in the way of thinking like they are evergreen.

But then I thought like… Are there really? Even the Power Blog Academy, that’s something I’m still building, and it’s pretty much done, but I still need to do some videos for it.

I think it’s evergreen, but I think it’s evergreen in the five-year span, for example, a, I’m not sure if it’s valid anymore like after five years. And this is just me being honest about my product.

I think maybe 80 percent of the information that is in the course is valid after five years, but the rest of the course, like the twenty percent is it valid after five years? I’m not sure, and that’s one thing I’m struggling with. When I’m creating a product or a service, I think it should last at least five to ten years as a whole. You don’t want to create products every year.


Create something that lasts

Well, you might want to do that, but for me, I like to create something lasting. How I want my business work is that I want to think about the long-term game, not the short-term game. But then again, we get to the issue here, which is the patience and how can you be patient when the nine to five job is stressing you out, and you want fast results.

Like there’s a conflict. Which I kind of like… I’m still wondering how to handle that. Now, I know there are motivational speakers out there who say, that you have to be patient as f*ck. I have heard that so many times and I agree you have to be, but how the f*ck are you, patient when there is like nine to five job killing you. And you just want to get out of it, how can you be patient?

You are in pain, and you want to get out of it. You want to get some pleasure into our life, and the pleasure comes from the fact of being an entrepreneur full-time. So it’s a very, very hard decision or you know, hard to know what to do, I think that’s the thing I was looking for.

If you go for the impatient road, you will almost like you lose your money eventually, because you are reacting to your surrounding and creating a strategy to guide your decisions. So I think, going for the long run and trying to build your business step by step, it’s a better model to go for. Then again it’s not the easiest because you have to endure the pain you have.

It’s a very interesting concept, and it would have been nice to see how some of the motivational speakers have done this whole thing when they were just hustling and doing their business or creating their business.

Hopefully, you like the episode. I wish you a wonderful day, and let it be productive, and awesome all the way. Okay, so I see you again. Bye!


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