5XB13 How To Become Rich

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Becoming rich isn’t about having a lot of money or having a lot of assets. What if you can become rich just defining meaningful goals.


5XB13 How To Become Rich


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What’s up guys and gals! This might be one of my favorite topics as it’s all about how to become rich. Now I’m not rich just to clarify that in the beginning, I don’t have a million dollars yet, hopefully someday I will have that. But, for now, I don’t have.

So if you are looking for an answer to how to become rich, I’m not sure we’ll get that in this episode. But I will be talking about the whole concept behind and the mindset you will have when you are thinking about these things and how they are actually very harmful to you.

So, when you search online articles and videos on how to become rich, you will find a bunch of them. And when I was in the situation where I was almost fired from the company I worked for, as there was a massive layoff happening at the time. And it was like a few years ago.


Become rich by investing or owning a business

It was the time when I searched online, how to become rich. And I saw a few articles on different ways how you can achieve that. And I think there were two different sides. Either you become an investor like invest in the stock market, or you own a business.

That’s at least my vision of how you can become rich. Of course, there are a bunch of many other ways you can become rich, but I think those are the ones that work for me, for example.

So, but the main thing is that there is maybe too much information regarding how to become rich whole topic or market or niche or whatever that is, to be honest. So how can you actually become rich?

How can you get that amount of income you need to be sustainable or having that sustainability?


Your business needs time

When you have a family, you have a mortgage, you have a car, for example. And you need to pay the bills, and you just have these things you need in your life. So when you are building a business, and you think about how to become rich with the business, for example.

It will take time, and for me, when I was looking for that information, I was like, “I’m not ready before business, I thought that wouldn’t be the thing for me.” I wasn’t even ready to become an entrepreneur, as my thought about being an entrepreneur is something like working all the time.

But then I realize it’s not working in the traditional sense. You like working because it’s your business and whenever you work for it, you get results eventually.

But then again, life throws so many things and the whole idea of becoming rich transformed inside me to just being able to live through my own business.

It would mean like maybe getting two to three grand a month for example. That would be enough. Like you truly don’t need that much money to be able to live a very happy life. So you don’t need that million dollars. Well, you might need, but I don’t need.


Money doesn’t make you happy

So the whole thing of having that vast amount of money in your bank account is something that I kind of walk up to it and saw that okay, that really isn’t the thing for me. That’s not the thing I’m after or when I build my business should it make millions of dollars every year, for example?

Now, that might be the goal, but that’s not the thing I’m really after. So, the thing I’m after is actually how to become free. So it’s not how to become rich, but how to become free. And being almost fired from the company I worked for.

It just made me read all about how to become rich and eventually how to become free, and that made me shift my attention to money and how to make more money.


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Many ways to increase wealth

But also at the same time, it focused me on how to save money, not just how to make money, but how to save money, because that’s also important. If you just get money as much as you can, but then again you spend it all. You don’t become rich, you don’t become financially free if you just make a bunch of money, but then you spend it all.

Like, buy new cars, or a new house, for example. One thing I have always had, kind of like had this dream of owning a Lamborghini, for example. You know, these luxury cars, it’s kind of like a status thing to be honest, for me, it’s something I thought I wanted.


What is it that you actually need?

Or I thought I needed. But why did I actually need it, was it because I wanted to get some respect for example. Or is that car bringing me some status? Why do I need that kind of status for myself? What’s the end goal with that car for example?

So yeah, I think when you are thinking about becoming a rich person and owning that vast amount of money. I think from the perspective of “do I actually need that,” “do I actually… is it going to make me happier? And that’s the ultimate question.

I think what makes me happy, would be to serve people, and help them and get some income from that by helping others. So getting that to the three grand a month continuously and that is reliable income for me.

I think I could or would be happy but then again, I’m not in that position yet, so it’s hard to say. It’s just a thought. And as I have probably mentioned before, this is a journey, and I’m still in the phase of building a business and hopefully in the next few years, I can look back and listen how I was struggling with these things and with these thoughts.

And how I was in this situation where I just want to get out of my job. Hopefully, that day will sometimes come, and I can make this switch. Or shift to entrepreneur, being a full-time entrepreneur that’s what I mean.


You know what to do next

Or to say how to get there. It’s kind of like you have all the information out there, and you know exactly how to do it, but still it’s not that easy. You still have to struggle quite a bit, and you have to work hard as hell to achieve anything in life.

And so that is something that has hit me in the past few months that it’s a very hard work to get any results. But then again, when I have done those. I have done the hard work that has been required from me. I have gained results, I have made money online.

I kind of like know the pattern and the form that has to be in place, to make money online, but then again that formula that I have, it’s kind of like a short-term formula. I need something that is long term, and that is the thing I’m building currently.

But, yeah, it will be an exciting journey, and hopefully, you’ll stick with me. And I almost apologize for my language being maybe a bit kind of like hard to follow at sometimes. So, apologies for that,… maybe, I am not sure should I apologize for that.

Then again I hope that you enjoy these episodes, and I hope I will get better at these and free my voice, and my message to you. Hopefully, this has been valuable. Valuable thoughts for you and I hope to see you stay in these podcast episodes and I wish you are a very, very nice day. So bye!


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