5XB14 Creating A Sales Video

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Creating a sales video is anything but easy. However, getting that first video done makes filming that second video so much easier.


5XB14 Creating A Sales Video


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What’s up guys and gals! In this episode, I will be talking about how I created my sales video. And to be honest, it was a very hard thing to do.

Now, first of all, it was like a few days ago, when I created my first sales video, and before that, I did create one version of my sales video. But I wasn’t happy with the result, so I had to create another one.

So what I noticed very quickly when I filmed the sales video was that it’s very hard. When you haven’t done anything like that before? Yet again, we are in a very uncomfortable zone here. And I have been talking about this being uncomfortable in my previous episodes.

But this time, we won’t be focusing on how to deal with the uncomfortable feeling. We will talk about how to actually create a sales video. And why is it so hard to actually do one or record one?


Do things with a plan

So, first of all, when I started to do the sales video, I wanted to do it off-the-bat, but then again, I quickly noticed how it just doesn’t work. And that’s not the way to do a sales video.

You have to have a script, you have to have one thing you will follow through, and then you make the video. So have a script and memorize it as good as you can. And when I did that. I memorized the script, it was so much easier to go through the whole sales video recording.

When I had something on the mind. Kind of following something like the script. So you have something, you follow and then you just go through the story you are telling and the sales thing you are presenting.

So I have a script. One thing to keep in mind is also to keep the video around three to four minutes long. You know, if you are selling something for $17, $37, $47. It shouldn’t be too long, you are not selling something expensive.


5XB14 Do things with a plan


Don’t waste time on your video

So why waste time explaining why one should get your product or service? And there’s also one thing you should get from this episode is that. When you are creating a sales video, think through what kind of content you are putting into the sales video.

Is it about your story or is it about the product or is it something between those. So the way I created my sales video was that I wanted to tell my story. And kind of like, leave the product presentation thing to later.

Or as I did my sales video. I won’t be talking about my product at all, I’m giving this story of why I actually even created that product or service. In this case, it’s the Power Blog Academy. I have been creating a lot lately, and it will be my latest service and product. And hopefully, it will be a very awesome experience for the ones that get it for themselves.

Now, then again if you are selling something high-priced product or service. In the range of $300 or maybe even $900 or more, then you should probably make a sales video that is 10 to 20 minutes long.


Differentiate yourself from the competition

And probably should talk about the product and service and why they are so good and why one should have one for themselves. Okay, why should I buy your product or service? Why is it so different? And to be honest, the way you can actually differentiate yourself from the competition is that you create a story behind your product or service.

You give this emotional reason to buy your product, you’re not giving the actual information about the product. You’re giving the emotion and the feeling why should a one by your stuff. When I started my business, I was so, so newbie on this whole business thing.

And to be honest, I was only selling my product in the sense of, “buy my product, it’s in discount. Or there’s a sale going, or get this coupon to buy my stuff, and that kind of things.

Now, the thing is, that doesn’t sell. Like you just don’t get sales through that way. Go for something that evokes emotions and feelings in the other person. And I think you’ll be making better sales.

Getting back to the actual creating that sales video is that you have to practice, practice and practice. To get away from the uncomfortable feeling you might have when you are looking at the camera.


Creating something new might be scary

When I created my sales video, I was terrified, and one of the biggest things I had was that I have to search, I have to search my words and translate Finnish to English and then speak. And while you do that, you might have these blank moments when you are just like silent, and you don’t know what to say next, and that’s kind of things.

And that was scary. That was very scary for me, to do a sales video where you have to talk, talk, talk, talk, you can’t stop because then you would have to do a lot of editing and the video would be like cut cut cut cut, and it wouldn’t look too good.

Now, there’s a difference when you are doing a podcast episode; for example, I can pause this recording and then search for the words and then continue when I get the idea to back again.

So it’s a very different kind of recording. And it’s easier, and I start to get the whole concept why people are doing podcast episodes because these are so much easier to do.

You have to look in a certain way and those that have been doing Youtube videos for a long time, they don’t care how they look. Or if they do care, they have been done it like some of the times already that they are comfortable behind the camera and can do that vlogging or Youtubing thing.

But yeah, I started with the whole sales video thing, by just practicing without the camera, just memorizing the script I had created before. And when you are ready just go for it and try to keep the energy up and be excited as much as possible, if that’s even possible.


Just do it!

It’s not always like we have these good days and we are just smiling and having the energy to do different things. Sometimes we are just you know, we have bad days and maybe those days are not the best days to create that sales video. But then again, if you are in a spot where you just have to push through then just get that energy up, get that smile on your face and go for it, you know. Just do it!

I kind of like the Nike slogan, just do it. I think it summarizes the whole building a business thing. And going for the money kind of thing. Just do it, get over with the whole uncomfortable feeling and just do your best.

It is, I think that’s what matters the most. Okay, so yeah, this episode was all about the… How to create a sales video. How I felt when I did one and what I went through when I recorded myself on video. Not the easiest thing to do for sure. It truly wasn’t easy, but then again I did it.

And I think you can do a sales video too. If that’s something, you are going for. Okay, so have a nice day, and as always, it was noted to go through this whole sales video thing with you. And yeah, Ciao!


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