5XB15 Being Perfectionist And Why It’s Useless

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Being perfect might be a feature of yours currently. Think about the consequences of being such a person and what if you could become something more by being imperfect. That decision changes everything.


5XB15 Being Perfectionist And Why It's Useless


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Hey, there guys and gals! In this episode, I will be talking about how to be imperfectionist or doing imperfect things. Just don’t be a perfectionist. That’s all this episode is all about and welcome to listen to these things.

You know, I’m just mumbling here. But anyway, okay, let’s go through. So I have always been a perfectionist, and it was until I realized that it’s pointless it’s totally useless. And being perfectionist is only actually doing harm to yourself and to the progress you are trying to achieve.

If you are trying to achieve something. Being a perfectionist is something you shouldn’t go for. For example, when we are building a business, and you are creating a website, for example. Does it really matter if the headline is slightly smaller or slightly bigger? Or does it really matter if the button is like two pixels rounded or three pixels rounded?

Those little things, like you, might think like, “oh, but it does matter if the rounding is two pixels or three pixels, but really is. Is it really that important? Or if you are writing a blog post for example, and if there is some grammar errors here and there.


You waste time by being perfectionist

Who really gives a, you know. I wouldn’t like to curse too much in my podcast. But the thing is that being perfectionist, “you’re only wasting time.” And I have always been the person who likes to do things as close to perfection as possible.

But when I have read more about the whole thing and being imperfect, or doing things not so precisely, I have seen that I can do so much more when I’m not being a perfectionist. I think the goal from now on. And I have lived like this, like a year, year and a half, something like that.

But my goal is kind of like, be as unperfect, as possible while still delivering quality. Now, to be honest. I don’t know if this episode is purely quality, but then again, I believe in the message. And I believe in the value one can bring to another person, why giving something from themselves.

I’m giving my thoughts, and I can’t say my expertise on being perfectionist, but kind of like my observations more like. How I see things and if you are one of those who are a perfectionist maybe this episode is to you.


5XB15 You waste time by being perfectionist


Bring value and nothing else matters

If you think like doing things precisely and just getting that one tweak here and there so that it makes a difference. I believe it doesn’t make a difference if you can bring value with your Youtube video, for example. And the production value in the video is not super quality.

To be honest, I think it doesn’t matter if the message you are giving to someone else is highly valuable. I think the video production and the quality of the video, it truly doesn’t matter.

And think about it, if you go to Youtube and you watch a video, and you see the screen is blurry or some text is not too visible, but if you get the information from that video that you were looking for.

And if that video brings your value in the sense of it helps you to progress with a thing, or you are looking for. Or it helps you solve a problem you are having. Then wouldn’t that video be like the best ever?

So even though the production value might not be there or the blog post might have grammar errors here and there. Or if the podcast episode is not filled with value in every single second, wouldn’t that still be excellent content for you.


Help people by solving problems

If the content helps you solve a problem. And the problem we are discussing here is how to get away from the perfectionist mentality and see how useless that is after all.

So I think the value is the thing that truly matters. So even though we create content that might not look fancy, if the value is there, I think that’s the thing.

So my advice is to go for the results, and don’t expect things to make a difference if you get this or that angle just perfect. Like no one cares just do massive imperfect action and get results.

And when you do that imperfect action, on a massive scale, you get results so fast. For example, the Power Blog Academy I have made. I know it’s quality stuff and I know it has an immense amount of value in it.

But the thing is that, are the videos just perfect or is the audio quality, or is the way I speak in the video for example. Is it too slow, is it too fast, is it something people don’t understand?


Get your message out there and that’s enough

I think if you just get your message out there and if you can bring value for the, for the other person. I think you have done an excellent job, and it’s enough, it’s enough, you don’t have to be perfect. No one doesn’t have to be perfect.

Like who can actually say that they are perfect, I guess, no one. And when that statement clicks within you. I think you will make so much more to your business, to your life when you let go of the perfectionist. Just let go of it.

I have done it. And things are going very smoothly and to be honest, while I still thrive for quality and getting things a look good, that kind of things. I still believe that the value we give to each other is the thing we should go for.

So hopefully this episode wakes you up and gave you a new perspective if you were thinking like being perfect is the thing to be or do. I believe otherwise. I go for a massive, massive imperfect action to do a lot of content. Give as much value as I can and share my thoughts and feelings on topics that might also interest you.

And by doing that, building kind of like a relationship with you. And not being a perfectionist and not going for the perfect results. Just get those results. Maybe not the perfect results but results anyway.

So that’s all for this episode. I hope you liked it. And as always have an excellent, excellent day. It should be sunny in my country, but for some reason, there is snow when there should be grass and birds singing. So yeah, my country’s climate is something I truly hate.

I would love to have warm weather mostly during the year, but then again, we have pure air. So I guess that’s the thing we have, but yeah, that’s all about the climate in Finland. So hopefully, I see you in the next episode, okay, bye, Thanks!


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