5XB16 Creating A Sales Funnel

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This episode is all about sales funnels, email funnels, ad funnels and how they relate to each other. Online business is a lot of things and funnels are one of the things that help you scale your business to a whole new level.


5XB16 Creating A Sales Funnel


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Hey there, guys and gals! So let’s get to the episode. It’s all about sales funnels. And to be honest, I thought I knew what a sales funnel is until I actually made one. And to be honest, it’s a lot of work.

So if you are not familiar with sales funnels, it’s basically you have a website, for example, and people come to your website, they subscribe to my newsletter, those kinds of optin. But the thing is that you give an email address and then they… Then you are in a funnel.

So the funnels main purpose is to build a relationship with you. From cold to warm and if you are very new to this whole thing, you should just know that there’s cold traffic, there’s warm traffic, and the cold traffic have to be transformed to warm traffic to make a sale.

So if we are building an online business, as I have built just get an email service provider. Just buy ConvertKit, which is something I currently and strongly recommend to get to yourself.

But sales funnels is a very, very vast topic, and we probably don’t have the time to go through what kind of things you have to put in there, but I will go the overview on what is a sales funnel and how it works.


Sales funnel is more than getting an email address

So, first of all, a sales funnel is so much more than just getting an email address from the user coming to your website. To your blog, to your podcast to your YouTube channel. Or whatever platform you are using to reach out to your audience.

So it’s more than an email address, it’s also more than just having a website. Or having a product to sell or a service to sell. So, sales funnels are so much more than those three things. But then again you combine those together, and you add some things to it.

Yeah, so let’s go through what is sales funnel. So usually you have to have a lot of things in place, and those things are like domain. Website, something like… My address is juhaekman.com. And then that’s the domain, and I will currently I’m hosting it on Siteground, so that’s the place where the domain belongs to so you can access my website.

Then I have an email service provider and which is the ConvertKit currently, then I have a product or a service to sell. I have landing pages, I have opt-ins and freebies to give you. To get that email address from you. So that’s all part of the sales funnel.

And then I have this education path, so to say, or a called to warm traffic conversion funnel. I have an email sequence which creates that traffic warming thing. You could also have a video sequence. But then you also have to have an ad funnel. Which is an advertising funnel including like retargeting campaigns, and remarketing campaigns and those kinds of things?


Sales funnel is a huge mechanism

So I guess you start to see how sales funnel is a very big mechanism that needs attention from your side. Time, you need to put in a lot of work to make that sales funnel happen, and you need a lot of effort from your side to get it all work in automation.

So to be honest, building a sales funnel. I thought I knew what I sales funnel was until I had a course that actually went deep in sales funnels and I learned a lot.

I had a lot of information before. Like the ebooks and ecourses that I had bought before. They explained what is an email funnel, and those kinds of things. But when it comes to creating a sales funnel, I haven’t yet seen not a single course or product that actually explains everything you need to create successful sales funnel.

I think they are all plenty of courses and sites that explain these kinds of things. And it could be that I will be creating one of these products one day, not sure yet.

But yeah, there are services that provide these funnels, and I think ClickFunnels is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, funnel provider out there.


Learn from the best

And I think Russell Brunson for example, is a master in the sales funnel. So I truly idolize Russell Brunson and his mind on how he sells things and those kinds of things.

So, I think Russell Brunson is a very good example of how to build a sales funnel. Even though you know what a sales funnel is, you need a lot of things. And one of the key things I have learned in the past few weeks is the inclusion of an advertising funnel.

So it’s the funnel where you actually. It’s the first thing your funnel needs. You have to have a source of traffic. Facebook, for example, is an excellent example to use. So we have Facebook, and Facebook is filled with people like two billion people already. So there’s quite a lot of people using Facebook.


Activating that funnel

So the way you activate the whole sales funnel thing is that you place those ads on Facebook and then you get the traffic to your opt-in and then the sales funnel begins.

But getting that first traffic to your sales funnel is actually very hard. Like you have to spend a lot of money to do testing, and you have to spend a lot of time and effort to get any results from Facebook. And to get that thing going on.

So that’s one thing I will be doing a lot in the next months or so, to get that Facebook thing going on and getting that traffic. Now another way is to have that organic traffic coming from Google for example. So if you have been blogging years already, you might have traffic that is coming to your blog in automation or automatically.


Use ads if you don’t have organic traffic and want results

So that’s a very good scenario if you have that. If you are a total beginner, and you are like just getting all these things together, then you might have to use ads to get any traffic and sales from that traffic.

But yeah, if you have organic traffic, you are in a very good place, and you can just monetize that traffic by creating opt-ins and freebies to give to your audience, and then they opt-in to your email list, and then you can sell stuff to them.

But then again, as I have said before the sales and marketing, and those kinds of things, they don’t work the way you might think they work. You might think that if you just place a product in the face of your audience, you will get a sale, it doesn’t work like that, you probably don’t get a sale.

If you are a big brand, then again, you wouldn’t be listening to this podcast, if you were the CEO of Coca-Cola, for example, but then again, this podcast is meant for those who are just starting out in the online business and are totally clueless on what to do and that kind of thing.


5XB16 Study if you don't get results


Traffic means everything

The thing is that if you have a website, getting traffic to it is extremely important and when you get that, then you monetize and trust me, monetizing your traffic is not easy, even though there are a bunch of blog post that says how to make money with your blog.

How do you create a successful blog, how to do this and that. It really needs a lot of work, and I think it’s slightly a small misconception in the online world that whenever you build an online business, you will start to make money instantly.

And I hit that wall, like a few times. I thought that when I create my online business, I thought I would be making money instantly. It doesn’t work like that, it just doesn’t. Like I thought it would, but it didn’t.

I think I was quite naive about the thing, but very quickly I saw that it’s not working like that. So if you are new to online business and you are struggling to get any money from your business, or you are struggling to get, you know sales. I don’t blame in. It’s very hard. And to be honest, you have to educate yourself a lot.


Study if you don’t get results

If you don’t make money with your online business, then you have to study. You have to buy ebooks, buy e-courses, or online courses. I think ecourse, is not a word yet. I think ecourse is an online course. But the things is that you have to buy those things and you have to educate yourself.

You have to gain knowledge about these things, and you have to just learn a lot. And I think the best thing I have figured out is that. If I’m in a spot where I don’t know what to do next, I buy an ebook, or I buy an online course and then I get the information that I need. And I get results. Like it’s just the way the world works. If you want to get results, you have to learn how to find that information for yourself.

Then again, if you are from a foreign country, well, let’s say from Finland where I’m from. There can be that you don’t even know what all the correct words to use when you are searching for something to your business.

For example, a sales funnel. I don’t even know what that’s in Finnish. And when you don’t know something, how can I search for it? So that’s a small problem you might have if you are just starting out.

You might be like, “I don’t know what to search for.” So I think one of the things you should search for if you are building an online business. Is sales funnels, email funnels, landing pages, domain, website, email service provider, hosting, how to build or how to create a digital product, how to create an online course, like those kind of things.

Search through that kind of things. If you are kind of Shopify thing or Amazon FBA, just Google that shit out and learn. And I think the best way to learn is to buy condensed information, and that is ebook and online courses?

So yeah, that’s all for the episode. Yet again, I have this tendency of going out of the whole topic and just talk about things but then again hopefully you got some good information from this episode. And it helped you to understand what are sales funnels, and how they work and how they are actually crucial to have in your business if you want to scale the hell out of it.

And sales funnels work in automation, so the scaling is extremely easy when you get the ball rolling, okay? But, yeah, hopefully, this was a very educative episode and as always, have a pleasant day, and I’ll hope I see you the next episode. Okay, so thanks and Bye!


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