5XB17 Excitement and fear in product launches

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Product launches are always exciting, but my suggestion is that you calm yourself down and evaluate your feelings too. If the launch doesn’t go well, you know how to pick yourself up and go for it again. Expectations are the key here.


5XB17 Excitement and fear in product launches


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Okay, what’s going on? It’s a time for another episode with me, and hopefully, this will be an exciting episode, all around. So first of all, I’m just in the middle of product launch, and it’s about the Power Blog Academy. And have to say it’s somewhat exciting and scary at the same time.

So I thought why not share feelings about the whole product launch thing. So let’s get to it. Okay, so you have a new product, and you feel like it’s the new opportunity you have been building to yourself. Like you have made a lot of effort to get that done and put a lot of hours into your product to film everything.

Or to write everything or creating images and designing the sales page for example, and the platform if you are doing a membership site for example.

Just building, building, building and you are ready to launch your product to the world, and you feel like it’s the best thing ever that is happening in the world, and you are excited.

But yeah, if you are in this position, I’m happy that you have created your own product. The thing is, no one knows that you have a new product. So if you have a following, then it’s another thing altogether. If you are a newbie and don’t have these massive following on which you can actually… Or for example, in an email and tell about your product.

If you don’t have an email list and you are launching by yourself to no one. But before we go to that part, I just want to go through the different emotions that are associated with the whole product launch.


It’s your new opportunity

So first of all, it’s an exciting thing to have. You have something new, and you want to get it out there and show the world how cool and awesome your product is or services.

And part of that thing is that you are expecting your product or service to actually transform you. Your life. You are waiting for the product to change your life for the better. Where, of course, the whole goal is to change the life of the customer.

You have created something that you hope that it will change the customers’ life in some way, but deep down inside, you might also feel like when I have created this product, I will get money from it, and my life will change.

So then launch your product, and you are like, so excited. This will change everything in the world and in my life. And I will finally be financially free, and those kinds of things. Well, hopefully, that happens.


What if nothing happens

But it could very well be that nothing happens, and then comes the depression. But hopefully, that won’t happen, and you are realistic with your product launch.

And see that, okay I’m launching the product. But most likely nothing happens because no one knows about my product or about me. So it’s a very… So, if you are very thoughtful of the fact that, okay, I don’t have an audience yet so probably nothing happens.

But yeah, for me, Power Blog Academy, I’m very excited to launch that product or service. And then again, I know there’s not a single person that knows about this product because I don’t have a 40 000 people email list to email and say that “Okay I have a new thing coming out, check it out and see what you think about it.” I don’t have that kind of situation yet, in my life.

So hopefully I have at some point in my life, but for now, I don’t have that. So what I do is use advertising to get that product in front of the people I want to sell it to and show it. So the main thing with my product is to change my customer’s life, and it’s the Power Blog Academy.

Change their blogging results and I believe 100% that my product will change the blogging journey and results for the one that gets my product. But that’s my kind of like vision and my feelings towards the whole product launch thing.

And the thing is that I had put so much time so much ever into it. So I have, so big expectations for it too, because the amount of work that you have put into your product or service, you expect to get that.


5XB17 What if nothing happens


You want to get your time back

You want to get that back in the form of money and because you have invested a lot of time and work from your life to the product. So you want to get something back. And you don’t want it to be a failure or just launching it, and seeing as no one buys it, one likes it, and that’s a very bad feeling if that happens. And hopefully, that won’t happen to you, or you might have to be prepared to fix some parts of your product.

And for Power Blog Academy, for example, I’m doing a beta launch or this early bird pricing thing, just to get that message out there. That it’s a try ot out, it’s a very, very discounted price. And if you like it, have it. This kind of thing.

And I won’t be changing the course if the material is good for the ones that purchase the course, but if there’s something that comes up, and someone doesn’t like something or would like to change something. Then I will reconsider if I do to change this or not, and go from there.

But yeah, a beta launch is a very good way to kind of like test the material you have done and see if people like your course. And when you have charged like 30% to 40% of the original price. Then it’s kind of like a no-brainer to get the course for yourself and try it out and…

The Power Blog Academy that I have, it’s a final product, so it’s not like I didn’t put just something in there and sell it and tweak it out. It’s a final product, but if someone likes to change something about it, then I got to reconsider that.


Changing lives, yours and theirs

So yeah, the main feeling is that you want it to be the one that changes your life. And for me, that’s the same thing. So whenever you launch something new, you are very excited. And want it to be the best ever thing happening in your life, but I think just be careful with your emotions and with your feelings and thoughts.

It could bomb, and wouldn’t give you any results. But then again, you can’t know if you don’t try. So yeah, being an entrepreneur and creating products and services is somewhat nerve-racking as you don’t know the end result.

I have zero clue if people like the product or not. If people really get results with the course, I believe they will get if they do the work, then again, how can I know?

So, being an entrepreneur, it could be stressful, but then again you have to build a certain base for yourself before you, for example, quit the nine to five job, so you have something, the income coming in.

And you can live so you don’t end up in the streets, which would be a very bad situation. But yeah, that’s my thought on the product launch. It will be an exciting, exciting week coming up and hopefully, everything goes well, as for your product launches too.

Okay, so that’s all for this episode. I’ll see you in the next and have a lovely day and Bye!


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