5XB18 The ever changing ground of digital marketing

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In this episode, I will be talking about the ever-changing ground of digital marketing and how to stay on top of it and can you actually stay on top of it. Who should you even follow and what advice to take into account.


5XB18 The ever changing ground of digital marketing


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How’s it going guys and gals and most of all gals as I like women, but yeah. Okay, so let’s go through the episode and what it’s all about. So I thought about talking about the ever-changing ground of digital marketing as it’s like a hot topic in the entrepreneurs’ journey or in the entrepreneurs’ life.

Digital marketing is something like, it’s constantly changing, and every day you see new ways to make money. Better ways to make money, other ways to grow your business. New ways to increase your income, this or that way and do this in social media to get more of this or that.

It’s filled with ideas, filled with information on how to do this or that; it’s always changing. And I think, the main question is which advice you go for. What advice or information you take to yourself, and go for, or use, use in your business, for example?


What information benefits you?

And the thing is that not every information you see or read online is something that benefits you. Something could evoke your curiosity, and you read the article, but then again, you see that, okay this is not something that I can apply to my business.

And I think the main thing that I try to go for. Is, what elements do I need to my business? Is it something related to social media for example, is there a new strategy that I could apply to social media to gain a new following or grow my audience or something?

Then again, there are always new things coming up. You know, SnapChat, for example, then again, it came a few years ago. It was a new social media platform and when it came, and people saw, like, okay, I need to be there.

And then they started to post content to the Snapchat. But is it something that your business actually needs. Do you really have to be in every social media platform out there? Is it something your business is dependent on.



Should you be on all social media platforms out there?

Something you truly need and I’m still at the edge of, do I really want to go into every social media platform out there. Do I really have to be seen in every social media platform that is existing? And have to say there are a bunch of those. And I’m not sure if I want to be in every one of those.

Then again, and let’s talk about ads, advertising, like Facebook ads or Pinterest ads or Google ads, or Youtube ads. Do I have to use all of them, or do I just go for the ones that I think could benefit me? So I think the digital marketing area or thing, it’s something that is constantly evolving.

And the way I’m trying to be. You know, how can you be one step ahead of others when the pace is so fast? And I’m still in the middle of creating a strategy for the digital marketing, but I most likely will approach this from the view of getting small clues from here and there.

And slowly combine those into a new idea or to new innovation. You hear about certain things about content marketing; for example, you hear something about blogging, podcasting, vlogging, you know.


Combining information together

All of those little pieces of information I’m trying to combine those together, and then create something of my own. So not the kind of like following anyone’s advice but rather create my own that hasn’t been presented yet online.

Though it’s still very much connected to the ideas that are presented online. Have to say it’s ometimes it’s quite stressful, to read or hear about new strategies and new ways or directions the businesses are going for.

And kind of like, you’re building a business and all the time you are a hearing new things going on and new things popping up and you are still just digesting the information you got yesterday.


Digital marketing is damn fast

The pace is so fast. So my strategy could be something like, okay I heard this and that, and it happened yesterday and most likely combining these I could achieve something next month. Something like this. But I just heard, for example, I heard that building a community is something that should be done.

Now, I’m just trying to get my head around the Facebook ads creating a sales funnel. And then I heard that you should be building a community. And I’m like, whaaaat, like a seriously. I’m just trying to get my ads in place and trying to grow that following in some way.

And building my email list for example. And then there’s another thing coming, and you should just go for it. Then I watched a video where someone said that you should be doing Youtube videos. Like it’s just the thing, and you just should do them. And I was like, “Okay well, I’m just starting a podcast and now, I should be doing a video instead.”

So you get this information, all around and all the time and you are like, what, what should I follow. Where should I go? What should I do? And you are so lost. There are so many experts in the digital marketing area, and everyone says different things.

So which one should you listen? Should you listen to me, for example. Am I the right person to follow for example?


Who should you follow?

And I think there comes this very difficult situation where you should choose who to follow. Because if you’re following everyone you could be overwhelmed, and you can’t focus anymore. You don’t get any results, and you just aimlessly go for everything and achieve nothing. So I like to think that you should focus on one thing and I go for it, all in.

Like for example, building the sales funnel, just build the sales funnel and then focus on something else. But don’t do everything at the same time because then it could be that you don’t get anything done.

So the same thing here. Focus on one thing and one thing only. Then again the question arises like, what should I focus, who should I follow? And I think it’s a difficult choice to make.

I’m not sure which one should I follow, but I think you should follow the ones that make the most of the money, you know?

So, for example, should I follow Tony Robbins as he’s a billionaire? Maybe not because then again, he’s not at the digital marketing world and not a leader in digital marketing. So I guess the answer could be that you should follow someone who is a leader in digital marketing or I’m not sure.

It’s very hard to decide what to do with all of the information out there, but yeah, just wanted to share my thoughts on the ever-changing ground of digital marketing and how it’s so goddamn hard to actually follow anyone.

Because you don’t know which one to follow. And who is the best one to give you the correct information and the vision of tomorrow? Because yeah, no one can predict future that’s not the thing, but the vision of where things might go, and if that vision clicks with you.

Then it could be something that you could follow and go through it. So hopefully you liked the episode and as always, have a pleasant day, it’s been awesome with you, and I hope to see you in the next episode. Thank and bye!


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