5XB19 Shiny object syndrome

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I guess we all go through this at some point in our entrepreneur journey. The shiny object being that next opportunity that we try to go for while hoping that would be the thing that brings us the most money or the best results.


5XB19 Shiny object syndrome


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This is the building, business, fight by bike, the five ex-audio experience where you and I build a business one bite at a time, and now, here’s your host. You are a bit… What’s a goal is a garrison.

What’s up guys and gals! So, in this episode, I will be talking about the shiny object syndrome and have to say it’s a pretty annoying thing to have. And I think it’s all about the thing of not finding your calling, so to say.

So you are always, always looking that next shiny object. That next opportunity. That next way of making money. The next way to grow your business.

And I think the main issue with the whole shiny object syndrome is that you are not yet successful. You don’t know what to do. You don’t have a path to follow, you don’t have any idea what you’re going to do next.

And that’s like the most normal thing to have as an entrepreneur. Like we are always just hitting the wall, like wall after wall. We invent something cool and then we are like, “okay this is the thing for me,” only to find out that, okay, it didn’t work.


The world is full of opportunities, grab one.

What’s the next thing to do. And I think that’s the whole shiny object syndrome. You are always looking for that next golden nugget to get you to the goal you are having.

Getting those results, you are looking for. And I think the internet being as huge as it is. It’s not helping us. Like to be honest, going to YouTube channel these days only to find out there are these young 20s, who are just killing it in the e-commerce business or drop shipping thing.

They are making millions just by selling stuff through Facebook ads. And it’s like. I’m like, that’s amazing, that’s super. The thing is that when you are in the entrepreneur path. You are like, okay, is this the thing for me.

Is drop shipping the thing for me. They are killing it in the drop shipping industry or market. And it all seems to be so easy, they are showing it to be so easy, and then they sell a course, for example, for you to get started on drop shipping for example.

So that being one of those shiny objects that I have seen in the past few days. I have been like, is that real? Like they are building a massive business, is just by selling various stuff they find on Ali-Express. And I think that’s pretty amazing.


Getting side-tracked in business

But the thing is that when you are starting out as an entrepreneur or you have tried different ways to make money, you might get side-tracked by seeing those results in YouTube.

And about the course thing, like they are selling their online course on how you can get started. And yet again, they make a bunch of money again just because people are seeing that as the next opportunity out there. And I’m no different. I’m still searching for my goal and the business model I would like to go for.

I have tried plenty of different ways to make money, and some have been lucrative, while others have been a complete failure like the print-on-demand business model that I tried. Then again, now I see how I did that, in the wrong way. I didn’t see that then when I was building it, But yeah, now I see what went wrong, with it and will be doing that same mistake again.


Learn a new skill from the shiny object

I think we kind of like, go for the next shiny object. And we try to learn new skills, and we probably fail, we could be successful with the new opportunity. Sure, but I think in my opinion I… I think I need this base this ground first.

It’s hard to explain, but I think if you are completely lost, so to say. You just don’t know what to do, so you try everything. I think that won’t work. Because you are not truly focusing on anything. You are just building that thing you think that could bring you money fast and would relieve that pain you are having.

The pain of working a nine to five job that you just hate. And you want to get out of it. And then you just go for everything, and you don’t truly go anywhere. So I think the lack of focus is one of the things that create this syndrome. And the other thing I think is that you are not successful yet.

Because if you were successful and would be making a lot of money, why would you have this kind of shiny object syndrome. Because you already know what works, so you don’t have to go after the next new opportunity you see online or somewhere?


Shiny object syndrome will fade away at some point

So I think the moment you become successful this syndrome will fade away. But then again, I don’t know because I’m not yet that free entrepreneur or just being able to do everything I want to do.

I guess the main question comes, what is right for you. What is the thing you are looking for? What do you really want to do? And I think in the next few months that’s my kind of like… My goal to figure out what is the business model I would like to have.

What are the products or the services I would like to have? And just creating that business that brings me money in a sustainable way. So I think the goal would be to find a focus on your business and then go for the one thing you think is the right solution for you.

A drop shipping model is a very exciting thing, and parts of that drop shipping thing could be. I would like to implement to my business, but I don’t know in which way. But that kind of like no selling physical products could be a very nice thing to have. But I’m not sure how to create that business to myself. As I want to go the passive route, and trying to create an as passive business as possible, not yet sure how to do that.

Okay, so that’s all for this episode. I hope you like it. And if you are having this shiny opt syndrome, do follow me somewhere, like in Facebook and leave a comment on the episode or something. Would be nice to hear your thoughts on it.

But anyway, have a nice day, and hopefully, you will find your thing to grow your business and to finally get free from the nine to five job if you have that kind of thing in your life. So yeah, I’m cheering for you. Okay, see you in the next episode, Bye!


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