5XB2 Different Form Of Working

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Talking about the different form of working, and how entrepreneurship and default 9-5 differ from each other. Can you really feel secure in your 9-5 job and can count on it when you become older.


5XB2 Different form of working


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I will be sharing with you my epiphany on a different form of working.

Now it was this morning when I had this realization of, okay, that there are different forms working.

Like there’s the usual the default standard, nine to five job, which is like where you should start. I’m not saying that if you become an entrepreneur from the get-go, and just straight from college and make some entrepreneur journey that’s not a bad choice, it’s an awesome choice to be honest.

For me, I started with the usual nine-to-five job in an IT firm and to say I was excited at the beginning, the first seven years, six to seven years. And, I don’t blame. You get the monthly salary, you get this security. Feeling of security.


The realization about the false security

But what I realize today was that that’s actually a misconception in my opinion, like you do have the monthly salary, but are you safe. Like are you secured? Can you expect to get that monthly salary next month? Or after a year?

Now that’s a very different thing. And rather than making this episode gloomy, and doomy. I wanted to give you another point of view on working. Now, as an entrepreneur, you are also working, and I would say you are working harder than ever.

And that’s mainly because it’s your business and you are building something for yourself, you are investing time, and you are investing money into your business, and you want to succeed.

The 9-5 job, you are exchanging your time for money. And I think that kind of concept might not be the best. Now, I didn’t think this way before but when the layoffs came. I was very scared to lose my job, thankfully, I didn’t lose my job, and I have a monthly salary.


Not feeling the security anymore

The thing is that I don’t feel the security anymore, I have this small amount of fear in me. And that fear is actually one of the driving factors I have to work towards my business.

Now, even though I kind of like, know that… Yeah, I might not get fired today. Now the thing is that I don’t know, do I get fired after a year, maybe like in two years or what if I get fired when I’m 40-50-60. Now that’s a very different situation.

If I get fired today or… Well, maybe not today. They usually do notify you before you get the boot, but there could be a layoff starting like next week. I don’t know, it could happen, but we don’t know that.

And yeah, I could probably find a new job quite easily, to be honest, at this age. I have this weird feeling of, do I find a job, a new job if I get if I’m 50 or when I’m 60, and my kind of like feeling is that it might not happen like, I might not get that job anymore when I’m sixty.


What happens when I get old?

So then I thought that Okay if I don’t get a job when I’m 60. And I get fired from mine… Well, let’s say I would work in this same firm for a decade or something or more. Would I like to work when I’m sixty? Would that feel like something I want to do?

I’m probably not so energetic anymore, I don’t have that drive anymore. And when I’m 50 or 60, I most likely would just like to chill. And that brought the idea of is this life only about working. Is this life just doing the nine-to-five grinding and just paying for the retirement.

Is that kind of life I want to live? And from there, I think having these thoughts and I have been thinking about these before. But this morning it hit me again. Okay, so this could be one of the driving factors I have, and that is thriving me towards the financial freedom and early retirement.

That was the initial idea when I started my entrepreneur journey. I’m still in the middle of becoming a full-time entrepreneur, and it’s not an easy choice to leave the so-called security in the day job. But then again I have to think about retirement period also. I have to invest money in certain ways to make sure that I have the money when I’m sixty.


5XB2 I Decide My Destiny


Two options?

The different form of working. So you have a 9-5 job or then you are an entrepreneur, and you are working for yourself. So which one is the way to go?

Now for some, the 9-5 job feels secure, but for me, it doesn’t feel secure, I don’t feel the security in it.

So that’s probably the reason I feel being an entrepreneur is something like a better choice for me. Like I decide my destiny. I decide the way my life will unfold, and I can’t make the decisions when I’m working for someone. I don’t make any decisions. I only do what I’m told to do, and it’s a very different place to be in.

And I guess the fear of losing everything is the thing that is driving me forward. And I think when you have this kind of mindset of working for yourself, you are actually building the security by yourself. Like the security comes from your decisions.

So if I get fired in the company I work for. I didn’t make the decision of getting fired. Now I do my work as good as I can, but sometimes that’s not enough. But when you’re an entrepreneur, and you’re working for yourself, and you do the work as good as you can. You get the results, and you get the income from it. So it’s a very different path and something I’m still learning and going through.


The evolution and goal for the podcast

But, yeah, I think today’s episode and I will be creating smaller episodes… But yeah, this is a beginning for me and for the whole podcasting thing, and I think I will be doing kind like a documentary on my entrepreneur journey. And I don’t want to represent myself as the all-knowing person, as that’s not true.

So yeah, today’s episode was all about the different form of working and how to… Like how I think about entrepreneurship and the 9-5 grinding and 9-5 job.

Hopefully, you’ve liked this episode. The thing is that podcasting is a new thing for me so it will be exciting to see how the whole podcasting thing evolves, and what kind of effect it will have to my entrepreneur journey. Okay, so I thank you for joining, and I see in the next episode, Bye!



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