5XB3 Being Uncomfortable And Why It’s So Hard

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In this episode, we go through why you more than likely have to feel uncomfortable when growing your business. Filming yourself for a sales video is not easy, and what if your native language isn’t even English but your target market is the US? These we will tackle in this episode.

5XB3 Being uncomfortable and why it’s so hard


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This episode will be all about being uncomfortable and why it’s so goddamn hard. Now, I have been struggling with this quite a lot, to be honest. It was like a few days ago when I started to create a sales video for my Power Blog Academy site.


Creating a sales video

I have to say that creating a sales video is super hard. Like it’s insanely hard and to be honest, I don’t like to create sales videos. I don’t like to sell anything. If it were possible to build a business, where you just give everything free for everyone, I would probably build that kind of business. But then again, I know I can’t pay my bills if I don’t have any income in my business.

It could be possible to give everything for free and still live with some income, I don’t know where that income comes from, in this situation.

But anyway. Okay, so being uncomfortable. So creating that sales video is part of that business strategy I’m in and have. And I think I used around two to three hours filming that video, that one video. And the way I did it was just getting my phone and just hitting the selfie mode on and just recorded.

And I couldn’t get it done. It just didn’t work. I didn’t like the way I was in the video, I didn’t like the way I presented things in the video. I just couldn’t get it done. I felt so uncomfortable doing that video that it just didn’t work.


Switching strategy

So I switched the strategy from filming in selfie mode to another formal sales video. Where I present the course and present the sales page, and I think that worked better for me.

Just because of the way I present things it’s more natural, and I can see where I should go next and what I should speak, next.

So if you are planning on doing a sales video, I think presenting your course or going through your sales page is an excellent strategy, if you are struggling with the freestyle sales video, that some can do. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do that. And I think it’s because I think I’m a bit insecure about the language, I have the way I speak English so… So I think that’s one of the issues there.


English not being your native language

And I don’t know why I actually even struggle with that kind of thing, but the thing is that I don’t speak English natively. I have to search words a bit before I can actually, you know. I have to do that mental switch translating those Finnish words to English so I can present the things in the correct order so to say. And being uncomfortable is also the reason why you feel that way is because you are fearing the judgment from others.

So you have this at these beliefs, and I would say these are false beliefs that you might have. If you are feeling uncomfortable doing some video or podcasting or writing articles even.

It’s how you see, you are kind of like thinking that what the other person might say. What the other person might feel about your content. How they perceive you, how they see you as a person. And that thing is actually hurting you a lot. And I can get that now, but it’s not easy to switch your mindset about judgment and false beliefs.


Changing false beliefs

It’s not easy to change your beliefs on something. Like for example, I could be thinking that you as a listener. You could feel like… Is this relevant for me is this good content. Is this something I should listen to? And those kind of thoughts are ones that I have when you are listening to this episode.

I could be feeling like am I doing a service here, am I creating good enough content for you? And I’m always thinking like how do you judge me?

And I think that kind of behavior is very destructive. And something you shouldn’t think too much about. When you watch a YouTube video for example or listen to other podcasts. Do you judge people just so because they say something, You know in a certain way, the way you’re presenting yourself. Like do you judge the presenter? Usually, the reason you’ll judge the people or a person is by the actions they have taken or the words they have said.

So if it’s something very offending or something like that, they are offending you, then you probably judge that person in some way but when you are creating a business and creating content to your business. That’s one factor you have to take into consideration, the content you are producing. Is it something that offends people? If it’s not, then why should you worry about judgment or people judging you? Why should I care if someone doesn’t like my content?


5XB3 Create and fon't hold back


Create and don’t hold back

I’m producing it, and I know some of you like it, some of you don’t, but that shouldn’t hold me back from creating it. And that’s the thing when it comes to being uncomfortable is that you just have to do the thing that feels uncomfortable, and when you do that enough.

The pressure of delivering content, it goes away. Like you cannot develop yourself or if you just don’t do the thing you need to do to. Like how could I ever create a video and feel comfortable if I’m never doing it? It just doesn’t fade away by itself.

I have to do the video over and over again until I feel comfortable doing that. And in this situation in my business where I’m doing things that I feel uncomfortable, but I know that the more I do, the uncomfortable things. The more comfortable it becomes. So, yeah, that’s short on how to erase that uncomfortable or becoming comfortable with your stuff and creating more content.

This is a very interesting topic, and I think there’s a lot to discuss about this. But for now, do more the things that you feel uncomfortable doing and the more you do, the more comfortable it will eventually feel.


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