5XB5 Why some people succeed while others fail

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When you face a lot of obstacles and what not in your business journey, it seems that for you to be succesful you can’t give up those dire moments. When you feel like everything is going downhill, your job is not to give up. This episode covers thoughts about success.


5XB5 Why some people succeed while others fail


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Okay, what’s up guys and gals? It’s always so weird, when people say like, What’s up guys when there are girls also listening to these podcasts, and I love women, so I always want to take them with me to the podcast episode.

So okay, but yes, yet again another episode in building a business and I wanted to talk about success. Now, I won’t be talking about personal development and… Well, it’s pretty much personal development, but not from the point of making you, you know better in person.

Though that happens automatically, but you know, hear me out. So I’m talking about financial success and how you have to build yourself up, and you have to modify yourself and your mindset and mental abilities and skills to succeed.


What is a success?

Now, success is an interesting topic, and we can so easily see how some people get success in various areas, and some might get it easily. Or more easily than others, and some fail.

And you know the saying like… Was it like three to four years when you have a business, and you give it three to four years, and either has success or not for businesses fail after four years or something like that.

The overall saying is that businesses, they are started and they are build up, but then they fail. And that’s the thing I want to discuss here. So what’s kind of like the reason for that to happen and you know.

So in a small conclusion is that the people and the entrepreneurs that succeed, they have this kind of mentality of doing it, like go for it, and developing yourself while going forward.

Now, it doesn’t mean that you should have all the answers ready when you start your business. I didn’t have… like I had zero answers when I started my business. And it was very difficult to get all the pieces together to know what to do next.

And I think and… And I’m not saying that I’m successful in business, I’m somewhat successful. I have build products, I get income from those products. So in that sense, I could say that I have minimal success in business.


Do not give up ever

So I can know what to do then again, I have a lot of things that I, I haven’t figured out yet. One thing that successful people also have is that they don’t give up.

Now, I cannot emphasize how many obstacles I have faced when I have been building my business, and we’ll be building a business. I know there’s a bunch of obstacles and those hitting that wall kind of moments.

I can’t even imagine how many times I have frustrated with the taxes, for example, like I hate paying taxes. Though, I know that it’s good for society and for our country, but the thing is that I just hate them. Like, the complexity that the tax law is giving to me currently.

I’m currently going through how the hell do I pay taxes to foreign countries and what kind of systems do I have to have in place to do all that. And to be honest, I haven’t found too many blogs or articles or, Youtube videos or podcasts. That explain the sales taxes and economic nexus and sales nexus to the United States. So it’s a very, very complex thing to go through, but I think I have found out how to do the taxation thing and I think I’m ready to launch my stripe account and get those sales from there.


So many obstacles

But anyway the thing was that they don’t give up, they have… Like, we have, you and I have a lot of obstacles before us, and we just have to go through them. Like, I know there’s a bunch of like you know, you might be thinking like, “How do I build a website” for example. That’s an obstacle, but that shouldn’t be the determining factor that halts you. You just give up, so I shouldn’t give up the day.

One thing is that they go all in, like successful people they just go for it. They invest money in the business, they invest time, they invest energy and all of those three things you just have to have. And you have to spend quite a lot of time to get your business to the spot you want to get it to.


5XB5 Do not give up ever


Vision and mission

I think vision, and a business mission is also one of those critical things to have. Like if you are just going for it and you don’t know what to do. You don’t have any idea what you are going to be building.

Maybe you should go back and check… What is it that your business is going to be in the future? So vision and mission are very important to have, and I think the vision is kind of like the future vision for your business. A mission is a kind of like a daily promise to your customers.

So I see them as kind of like that way.

Okay, so how can you actually succeed? Now we have talked about time and energy and money, but the thing is that I think the most important thing to have is the mentality of starting your business, but never giving up.

I never stop the process of building a business. It takes time like I have spent an even want to think about the time I have invested in my business. It’s insane, to be honest.


Building a business is not easy

People might think that it’s easy to build a business, to start a website and sells and products. That’s so far from the truth. Building business takes time, and that’s also one of the reasons I started this podcast.

Kind of like building business bite byt bite. Because the thing is that it just takes a lot of time and there are a lot of steps you have to make to make it successful.

So I think the most important things to me are time, energy, money. Of course, I have to invest a lot of money in this business, but also kind of like the drive to become successful financially. And I think keeping that in mind is really pushing me forward.

And I think it was a few years ago when I decided that I will build my own business and it will be successful. I have just decided that inside my head. It’s a goal I have. Like I want to be financially free, and I want to have a business that is mine and something of my own and being my own boss. And deciding my destiny and controlling my fate. So that’s the reason I started my business.

But yeah, that’s all for the success. Talking and success thinking hopefully you enjoyed the episode. And to be honest, there will be more a lot more of these episodes. As this is something I’m still practicing, so do bear with me. Okay, so I’ll see you in the next episode. Have a good day, bye!


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