5XB6 False beliefs of becoming a millionaire

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How most of us want to become a millionaire, but the big question is what then. And is it really that important to become a millionaire? Can we be happy with less? Should we rush for it or just be in a hurry?


5XB6 False beliefs of becoming a millionaire


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What’s up guys, it’s time for another episode, and this time I will be talking about the belief of becoming a “millionaire and how it’s so far from reality.

I started my business to become a millionaire. That’s something probably every entrepreneur that starts a business wants to get to being that millionaire and having that million dollars in the bank account.

Now, what I have learned is that those thoughts are so kind of like romantic. I thought it would be easier. I thought that when I create my website, I create my product. That’s all that I need, then I have a business.

But yeah, getting those customers. Yeah, that’s not so easy


Selling sucks, marketing rocks!

So I thought, and to be honest. I hate selling as I have said before. I hate the whole selling process. Now, I do love marketing. The marketing is so awesome, like it’s so complex, and yet again, so simple but nailing those together is very exciting, to be honest.

Yeah, becoming a millionaire just by owning a business. Not going to happen, I’m not a millionaire yet. Though I will…kind of like, this is my journey to become one, and hopefully, in the future, I can listen to this episode and think like. Okay, you did it.

And to be honest, I will succeed, I will do that, I will become a millionaire. But the thing is, I don’t know when that’s going to happen, like what’s the date or the year. It won’t be this year. I’m sure about that.


Business doesn’t automatically mean that you become a millionaire

The thing is that we like to think in the way of… Oh, I will become a millionaire, or when I own a business, I will get that million dollars in my bank account. That’s not going to happen. And the thing that really hit me is why should it happen, why do I have to become a millionaire?

What is the reason for it is, Am I going to be happier when I’m a millionaire, probably not?

Will I buy some new cars or Lambos and Ferraris and own a bigger house or something, probably not. So why should I own that million dollars? Why? You know, what’s the rush? And the thing is… Yeah, to be honest, I hate this feature in myself rushing things.

Like, I hate that in myself. Though, I do it all the time. So it’s very irritating, to say the least. But yeah, we entrepreneurs who work 9-5 job and hustle all the time. We forget that rushing things is a bit of a wrong approach.


5XB6 Hurry but don't rush


Hurry but don’t rush

It’s a different thing to be in a hurry like hurrying things than rushing. And when you rush things and go for the million dollars. You probably make bad decisions on your business. Like you are building a product, but you haven’t really checked if there’s a market for it. Or you have checked that there’s a bunch of people already selling the thing you are selling, but you haven’t realized are you the one that could sell it?

I sell a bunch of products already. But the thing is that I didn’t realize that in order for me to make a huge income, I would need a few pieces together and those are that the people that I am selling to. They should be willing to buy products, and they should be able to buy products.

You have to have those two things attached together to make a sale. Well, that’s only one part of the whole sales process, but they should be able to buy from you, they should be able to shell out the cash and also have the mentality of buying.


Able and willing to buy equals success

Not everyone is willing to buy, but when you are selling to a correct market, and you are involving yourself in the correct market in the hot market, so to say. Then you are able to make that sale. But when I figured out the whole marketing and selling part of things, I realized that I’m not going to be a millionaire in a few years.

Like it’s impossible. And when I learned that. I also realized that I don’t actually need to be millionaire, to be happy. All I need is. Yeah, sure, I’m aiming for the financial freedom, that’s my goal. Well, one of my goals. One of my goals is something totally different.


Nine to five job is for some but maybe not for me

But the thing is that I think I would be happy if I could just get the income to provide for myself and being able to leave the 9-5 job. And the mentality, the 9-5 job gives to me. The wake up early and go to work and come home. And watch some TV? And that’s that.

Like, I hate that kind of mentality and the simplicity of it. And one thing I learned from… And to be honest, I think I like or love, Gary Vee. Gary Vaynerchuck. He’s so on top of things. He’s speaking from the entrepreneur perspective, and he’s brutally honest with things, and I think his stuff is very valuable.

And the thing is that the reason I mentioned Gary is that he mentioned the concept of being patient. Having that mentality of waiting and building your business slowly. But with a thought.

I have been building my business in a rush for the past few years. And I think now is the time for me to lay back or slowing down, that’s not the thing I’m looking for here. But the thing is that I’m more in tune with the thing that I’m going for.


Building a personal brand

And the thing I’m going for is a personal brand and building a brand takes time. And that time has to be invested very thoughtfully. So you don’t just go for it and expect to get 1 million dollars. But the belief of becoming a millionaire just by owning a business. That’s so far from the truth. Like you just don’t get that.

There are… Yeah, I know there are exceptions, there are always exceptions. That’s not the thing I’m going for here.

But if you are a small start-up business, you are just looking for that advice on what the hell should I do next? I think owning a business and building it slowly is the thing to go for.

But one thing I wanted to mention is that the impatience that you get. Most likely comes from the fact of you working in a 9-5 job. And for me, that is one of the things that are driving me forward constantly. Nine to five Job is kind of the motivator for me to build my business.

But yeah, I have understood that I won’t be a millionaire this year. Hopefully in a few years. But, not this year. Yeah, I just wanted to quickly talk about how there are so many false beliefs regarding millionaire thinking. Hopefully liked the episode and as always, have a nice day, and hopefully, I see you in the next episode. I have a good time and bye!


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