5XB7 Building a business is hard

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Building a business is anything but easy. How wrong was I when I first started to build my business. In this episode, I share some of my epiphanies on why building a business is so hard.

5XB7 Building a business is hard


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What’s up guys, it’s another episode in business, and this time I’m sharing you some thoughts and why business is actually goddamn hard. Why people, you know, some succeeding in it some fail completely. Will you be a failure or will you be a success? Sharing some thoughts. Why it’s so goddamn hard.

So one thing I learned about the whole building a business is that its kind of like a skill, you don’t have any skills when it comes to business, you’re not born with the ability to build a business.

Well, if you are lucky, you have two legs two arms, and you can learn to walk, so just it’s a skill. You learn to write something, you learn to ride a bicycle, ride a car. It’s a skill. So I think the same applies to building a business. You are building skill and the skill is business skills, of course,

But more from the mentality point of view. Like you are actually evolving, and you are developing yourself while you are building a business. And for me, the journey has been quite a rollercoaster, ups, and downs, a lot of them, like first when you start a business, it’s like… Yeah, they said it’s cool, this is so cool, you got your website on. You got your product maybe even.


Then it hits you

Then you start selling and then you see, quickly you see, so, okay, nothing is happening. And you are like damn what I’m doing wrong, what is the mistake I’m doing?

And I think the thing you have to do is take small steps. Like, don’t expect things to blow up in an instant, when you start a business. Just take small steps at a time, bite by bite.

And it’s constant learning. You are learning. Well, for me, I’m learning basically every day. Like today, I have learned about the taxation thing and how to manage the sales tax. But yeah, it’s constant learning. And from that constant learning comes the fact that it’s super hard to build a business.

You have to go so far and do those uncomfortable things like, to be honest, the whole podcasting thing I think I like this. It’s a new venture for me, and I think it’s easier to talk with you that invite an article for example.

No, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like writing articles or I don’t like doing videos. It’s just a way of creating that content and giving you something valuable, and I think podcasting is one of those ways to do that.


Podcasting feels the right thing to do

So for me, podcasting is a thing I’m still learning. Writing articles, the same thing. I think I still learn a bunch of things when I do those. The video thing, yea not yet. I think I’m not ready for video things. I have recorded course lessons, but that’s another thing.

It’s easier to just record those lessons and do that online course than just do a selfie video for example. I am not good at that. So it’s a very uncomfortable thing for me for now or today, but it will probably change in the future because I know I have to do video at some point.

But that’s like in the future. For now it’s podcasting and writing articles and creating content that way. Yeah, what I have seen in my own business is that I have to develop myself, constantly.

I have to read books and to be honest, I didn’t like to read books before. It’s not my thing, I didn’t like that. But when I realized that reading books is the thing where you develop yourself, you gain knowledge, you understand things, you get a new perspective to things. That’s the thing that changed my whole view on books. Ebooks precisely, like I use the Amazon Kindle to buy ebooks and really like the convenience it offers.


5XB7 I know I have to do


A word about online courses

Another thing is ecourses or online courses. The same thing. First I thought like online courses is a scam. I’m very skeptical about those. I don’t trust too easily and people, but when I bought my first online course, and it was amazing for my business, I’m like, I’m hooked. I just buy online courses whenever I can and whenever I see them fit.

And that’s all part of the personal development, you are going through. So if you are in the mindset of building a business by yourself, and doing that just with your thoughts and with your vision and so on. I suggest you get some online courses on building a business or branding or anything that helps you.

For example, I have created a Power Blog Academy, which is a blogging course for those newcomers that just don’t know anything about blogging or building a brand, those kinds of things. That’s the reason I created that course to help others.

No, it’s not the first online course on blogging and won’t be the last one either. Then again, it’s my vision of bringing something. Things that I have learned, or how I see things. Like I see so many blogs out there that are just…You know they feel so outdated, and they are all relying on theme design and those kinds of things.

And I think there are so much. You know better solutions, and that’s the reason I created my course to get something or to give something new and fresh.


Creating an online course is a lot of work

But yeah, just creating the course. It was a hard work creating those sales pages, and they are still in working progress today, but the thing is that soon they are ready and have to say it’s a lot of work. So building a business is super hard.

I didn’t know it would be this hard. And the reason is that it even feels tougher than it should be. Is the fact that I’m in a nine to five job and that is pushing me forward.

Like if you are hating. Not kind of like hating. But you know that there are so much better out there, and you are working in a 9-5 job that doesn’t bring that excitement to your life. And you know there is something more. You become very impatient, and that’s only because you want to escape the 9-5 job. And I totally get you. If you’re in that situation right now.

So when you get that kind of mindset to yourself, like I want to get out of this situation where I am currently. Then, building a business becomes like, Oh I have to do it, I have to go for it, I have to go all in, and that’s okay.


Don’t forget the time that is needed

But then you factor in the time that is needed to build a business, and then it hits you, and you are like f*ck. How can I do this and how can I get out of this situation. And building business, It takes time. But you feel like you don’t have that. So, it’s a very complex situation.

But for ending this episode to something pleasant and happy. Remember that when you build your business slowly and with time and with, you know, thought. It will become something great and when the time comes, making that sale will be easy. And after that, it’s history so to say. But go for it, you know.

Make those sales and bring yourself to the financial freedom, you deserve. But yeah, that’s my thoughts on why the hell is business so hard to do and building it is so hard. Thanks for listening and have a nice day as usual and bye!


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