5XB8 Decisions and how they change your future

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In this episode, we dive deep into decision making, and how making good, bad or quick decisions affect your life instantly. Would you quit working if you became a millionaire?

5XB8 Decisions and how they change your future


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What’s up guys and gals. So this episode will be about decisions and how they actually change your future and how you should actually make good decisions in your life. And to be honest, you are making decisions daily, and I would even say that you are making decisions every single minute.

Now, it’s not different or any different for this podcast episode. So it’s a decision from to me to create this podcast episode, and it’s also a decision from you to listen to it, so I’m glad and very happy for you to listen to this episode. Although I have zero ideas how many are listening to these?


Making those good and bad decisions

Well, hopefully, a bunch of you will listen to these. Then again, you are not sure how your decisions will affect the business you are building. So when you are making this decision, it will either be a good decision or a bad decision, or it could be a quick decision.

And the difference between all of those is that the good decisions are something like you have thought about and the outcome. A bad decision is a decision you have made but truly didn’t thought it out too much, and it could hurt you in the long run. And the quick decision is something you didn’t think at all, you just made a decision, and the outcome is either good or bad.

So let’s go through how you can actually make better decisions and how they affect your life and business most of all.


Making good decisions

So, so for example, I made the decision to start a blog, and it was a good decision. As I have, you know, I’m building a business. So it’s a good decision when I get money from the decision I made. Okay, if your decision brings you money. I think it’s a good decision but only from the business perspective.

Then again, a bad decision on let’s say I would never have blogged or started a blog it would have been a bad decision. It would have also been a bad decision if I wouldn’t have reached out to a certain friend of mine, who I’m building my blog and business with.

So, yet again, it would have been a bad decision, if I wouldn’t have had the courage to go for the conversation and starting that conversation with this certain individual. And it was a good decision to do that.


5XB8 Decisions shape your destiny


Decisions transform and shape your destiny

Okay, so I think, and this is quite brutal, to be honest. I think the decisions you make will ultimately determine the success you will have, and that’s a very awful idea to have, but it’s very true.

If you decide not to write that next blog article if you decide not to record that next podcast episode if you decide not to do a video on your sales page. All of those decisions will affect the outcome you will have.

So think about how much the consequences are quite big if you decide to do something differently or if you make a bad decision to be honest. So for me, for example, the decision to even build the business was a good decision. On the other hand, thankfully I’m a very adaptive person. But for some, it could be crippling to build our business.

So it’s not easy to build a business and if you are not prepared for it. I wasn’t prepared to see how goddamn hard it is to build a business. But then again I’m that kind of person who adapts to the situation, and I made the decision to make my business a success.

So it’s a decision I have made a few years ago, and I won’t be faltering from the decision, I will go with the decision, and hopefully, it won’t cost me my future. But it’s a risk I have to take, because then again, this is your life and decisions you make in this life and are yours to carry.


Building a business is a massive decision

So for me, building business was a massive decision, and after a few years, I now realize that it’s fundamental to me to make the business a success.

So going through those obstacles that will be given to you, they are yet again situations where we have to make a decision whether you are going to post that video. Whether you are going to create this digital product, for example, or whether you will record a new podcast episode or something. It’s a decision you make and sometimes the decision you will make. It feels so like… No, I don’t want to do this. It feels so uncomfortable to do something, like recording a sales video.

I still have to do that sales video. And to be honest, I don’t like to do that. I don’t feel comfortable doing that video, but then again I have to prepare myself and just go for it.


Nothing comes easy in life

I know it won’t be easy but I know I have to do that. So it’s a decision from me to do that video even though it feels so annoying and I don’t like it. It’s not that I’m selling a bad product, it’s not that. I know my product is awesome. I know it will help a bunch of you.

But the thing is that selling that product and creating that sales video, it’s not an easy decision, but I know I have to do that. And hopefully, the video will be something valuable to you. So yet again it’s a thing that just has to be done.

So, I think decisions will either make you fail or succeed and even though it’s a very kind of like, yeah, sure, of course, it goes like this, or I know this already. But whenever you are thinking of… Okay, should I write that article? Should I create the product, should I do this or that, should I?


Answer this question

And the question that comes to our mind is should I… And if the answer after that, is something that won’t be taking you further in your business, it’s a bad decision. So when you are tired and exhausted, and you have no energy left, and you are just beaten up. You don’t know what to do next, and it’s a decision yet again to either go to rest or start to focus.

Remember what was the reason you got into the business. Remember the decision that made you get into the business? And for me, that was financial freedom and creating that lifestyle where I can be my own boss, and where I can be in control of my destiny and my life.

And I don’t want to be a victim of layoffs, or I don’t want to spend my whole life working. I want to build a situation where I can decide whether I work or not, and I believe when that time comes that I can do that decision.


I won’t quit working after I become a millionaire

I probably will work anyway. To be honest, there was a time when I thought that when I become a millionaire, I won’t be working. I work fewer hours after that. But the truth is, that it just doesn’t work like that. And even when you get that million dollars in your bank account.

And I hope that will happen to you. Because it’s all about your ways of doing or the decisions you will make in your life. But the thing is that I probably will work anyway, even though I have the financial freedom I’m going for. But yeah, again, it’s a decision from me.

Yeah, just wanted to talk about the decisions, and how they are actually so important to your business. And how you should think through all the decisions you make in your life. In the minute, you are, you know, even though you are now listening to this podcast.


What is your end goal

Think about the end result you’re going for. And what you need to do in order to get there, if it’s the financial freedom you’re going after. Do the things that are needed to do for you to achieve that.

So if you are doing something else, the things that actually matter, you are making a bad decision. So it’s not like you should always like, you know is this a good decision, is this a bad decision, what should I do. What’s the right decision to make. It’s not that. It’s more like when the situation comes should you do something. Think about the consequences that happen if you don’t do something. I would think that from that perspective.

So that’s all, I hope you enjoyed the little session we have, and the whole episode as always, have a very pleasant day and make good decisions today, those decisions that actually make a change to your future. And hopefully you make a bunch of them, and in your future in the good way. So bye!


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