5XB9 Living by doing what you love and is it possible

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Is it truly live by doing what you love? Is it truly possible to live by doing the thing you thought to be a hobby? Is it really a hobby anymore or something else? In this episode, we talk about it and find out if it’s truly possible to live by doing what you love?


5XB9 Living by doing what you love and is it possible


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What’s up guys and gals! So I just had to go for this episode, from a very different perspective. So this episode is all about, can you actually live by doing what you love. And is it possible to create a business around your hobby?

Now, I think it’s a very short and simple answer. I think it all comes to the fact if there’s money in it. If there are people buying something that you like to do as a hobby. I don’t want to go and talk about fitness and health.

And fitness market, and those kinds of things, as I know that some people like to exercise, and that’s a hobby. And you can easily, like easily monetize that and become a very successful fitness coach, for example. Or create a fitness program for something like weight loss or those kinds of things.

However, those are very typical kind of hobbies, well not typical, but there’s a market for it. Now, there’s money in it, so that way it’s easy. Now let’s talk about something that’s not so easy.


What if your hobby is not so easily monetized

Let’s say that your hobby is something like a stamp collection, or picking up plastic bottles for example, or you like to create something, you are an artist, for example.

And I’m an artist, so it’s a very easy thing for me to talk about art. So let’s talk about that. Can we really build a business on a hobby?

So now I could say that I like to draw. I’m an artist in that sense. I like to draw digital art to be precise. But can I really make a business out of it?

And when I start to think about the actual art business in general, there are artists that are real artists. Like, I think I’m kind of like a fake artist, it’s not that I do bad art or my pictures or images suck. No, that’s not the thing. I’m very proud of my art skills and the things I do.

But when you are going for a business. You are usually more or less creating that art for someone else. It could be that you are just drawing whatever you want and people pay for it.

For example, in Patreon, Patreon.com is a service that enables artists and creative persons to earn a bunch of money, just by doing what they love. But I don’t know if that’s a sustainable income. I’m not sure if it’s a business model I would like to work for or work in. And I do know that there is a lot of artists, digital artists, that just have a lot of followers, and they have a lot of income coming through Patreon.


Building a brand

However, I see business as something like being a brand, and whenever you are building a brand, you need to have something of your own. And I think then the platform question or issue comes in. And I don’t know if Patreon is something that it’s strong enough when you are building a brand.

You are using someone else’s platform. But yeah, that’s another topic, to be honest. And going back to the hobby thing. And if I go off-trail in my topics, that’s so usual to me. I can’t help it. My mind just goes for it, then I got myself there.

But yeah, art hobby, for example, is the income expectations and the work that you would actually go for or you would actually do, like creating art for someone else. Would that feel hobby anymore, would that feel good anymore?

And for me, I think creating art for others when I can define the subject and the topic myself then it’s fine. But if it comes from another person or a company, I’m slightly hesitant if I should go for the project or not.

Sometimes the project is something I would like to do. So it’s a good decision to go for those kinds of projects. Then again, building a hobby and building a business to provide to your hobbies. It’s not so easy, it’s very hard to actually do that. It’s easy if you have a market for it, like art, yeah there are some market but are the people willing to buy. And are they able to buy your products in the sense of giving you more than $1 or $5?

Do you build a business, sustainable business on offering something for $1? Yeah, that’s a question of, well, it’s your hobby. So can you really live by just doing that?


5XB9 It's not a hobby it's business


Not all hobbies are equal

But the thing is that not all hobbies are equal, so there are hobbies like fitness as I mentioned, that you can easily monetize that because there are always people who like to lose weight, and feel good about themselves. So they will buy products to achieve them. But for something, let’s say you are a stamp collector. Is there a market for it, is there something that you could do and create money from that kind of hobby?

And that’s the big question. I love the concept of doing something that you are passionate about. But the thing is that not always is there a market for it?

Sometimes there are just isn’t. Like, sometimes, the hobby you have is something that people aren’t willing to pay for. If you’re doing a product for example, for the… Let’s say the stamp-collecting thing, like would there be a person buying a guide on how to collect stamps the right way, for example. And selling that for seven dollars. Is there a market for it, I don’t know.

I can’t say because I think the world is too big to say that… No, there’s no market for that. I think there’s a market for everything but is it big enough to make an income that you can actually live by.


Is it really a hobby or something else in the future

And that’s the question. If you are thinking about the romantic thoughts on building a business surrounding your hobby. First, think if there is a market for it. First, think, if you can actually do that 24/7 365, multiple years. Do you still feel like it’s a hobby? Do you still feel like it’s not work. Think about that.

I think for me, building a business. It’s not a hobby, it’s a business, it’s, but then again, I’m very passionate about it. Do I see it as a hobby? No, I don’t see it as a hobby. It can not be a hobby, hobbies don’t pay the bills.

You have to work a lot of hours to build something sustainable. And I think the concept of the hobby comes from the fact of not feeling like it’s work. So, I’d say very either way, but I think if you’re having a hobby currently. Think if it’s a hobby, or a business or something that you could get income from.

But yeah, that’s the small conclusion I have for the topic. Yet again, I have to remind you that these are the first episodes I’m doing and hopefully, I get better at this. It’s not easy…But yeah, we have to start somewhere, and I’m building something for you and for myself.

Have a good day, and I’ll see you in the next episode, which will be soon released. Bye!


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