About Me

I love good food, reading inspirational and motivational books, listening to podcasts about money and of course online business. My job here is to help you build your online course from the ground up and make money online with the knowledge you have. Or if you have zero knowledge, then we create a path for gaining that.

I’m a happily married young father with two small and damn energetic boys. I currently live in Finland (where there is almost always cold but the purest air), and this is my online business of success.

This site is dedicated for you who want to design your online business while working a full time job. For you who has no time to spend but all the drive to build an online business of your design.

Correcting those bad decisions

I’ve made so many bad decisions throughout my life that it’s impossible to count them. But if I were to point out one of the biggest failures in decisions I have made is that I didn’t decide to start my own business sooner.

I mean, that has truly been one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made. But when you think about it, how could you have started a business when you don’t know anything about it.

Now that I have an online business, I can only say that having one was the best decisions I have ever made. It’s all about taking that first step and jumping in. If you haven’t made that jump yet, I get you completely. New things are always somewhat scary. However, it only requires one decision from you — the decision to own your life.

Working that nine to five job

It was a few years ago when the wake-up call came, and it was a strong one. It was extremely close that I didn’t get fired from the company I work for. It’s nothing unusual to get fired when massive layoffs happen, and that almost happened to me.

On that day I decided that no more would my destiny be determined by someone else. I don’t want to hand my life to someone else and let that other thing determine how my days unfold, how my life plays out. The corporate job is for some, but it definitely is not for me. It’s that default path you take and something you might not even question until bad things start to happen. That’s when you see that you have zero control over your life, and that’s something you should fight for.

Unneeded fear of the unknown

When starting something new, it’s always somewhat scary. But what happens when you know? You gain courage and the more courage you have, the more good decision you make. And those good decisions will push you to new heights. You might fear what you don’t know. However, with time and learning, you will quickly see how having an online business is an opportunity never before presented.

There’s nothing scary about running an online business. You only need to know the basics, and you are good to go. Creating your own business site like the one you are in right now is so easy today. You only need the right tools and that’s it. Nothing else is needed.

And as always you can keep your nine to five job as long as you are ready to make the leap to full-time entrepreneurship. By having an online business, you are building security to your future.

The possibilities are almost limitless

The cruel thing about nine to five job is that you are locked. Your creativity is locked, and you can’t do anything about it. Your full potential goes to waste. That is the exact opposite of owning an online business.

With an online business, you are fully free to express yourself fully. You can unleash your creativity and build your online business to anything you want. There are zero limits to what you can achieve with your business.

By having your business, you can earn as much as you can dream of. You can do anything with your business, and it gives you the security you can’t ever achieve while working for someone else.