It started by realizing that I could get fired from my corporate job in 2017. The feeling of that 9-5 corporate job safety was gone and the realization that there was basically nothing catching me from falling if it were to happen. I started my online art business and slowly and steadily I grew that to what it is today.

I knew I needed other sources of income and my online business was one, but only after I started learning about investing and how money was needed to create money, did things start to change completely.

In 2021 I got interested in crypto and while I got rekt in the crash of May 2021, I saw what the future could be with crypto and I was sold. From that point forward I started to invest more and more into crypto and saw profits I’d never seen before.

With the aid of crypto investments and savings, I was able to jump into being a full-time entrepreneur and an artist. The future has just opened to me in a new and exciting way and one that is filled with crypto and art. Hope to see you tag along as I go full-on crypto and explore how it can change our lives day after day as it already has changed mine.


What I aim for

Crypto space is evolving at an alarming pace and keeping up with it, is not easy. However, as much as there is innovation and expansion, there are also scams and poor projects. Striving for a deep understanding of crypto is the thing for me. Focusing on quality projects and discovering only the gems from the mass. Time in crypto is essential and with time, the best of the best projects will survive while projects with poor tokenomics will wither.

What I Do

Exploring and discovering crypto every single day is the thing I’m most excited about besides being an artist. Every single day is a new opportunity to make life-changing investments and discoveries. Crypto requires time, dedication, focus, and understanding. Watching narratives unfold and being born while seeing a new meme coin growing into a movement is always an exciting event in crypto.

Philosophy (Promise)

Crypto is a massive financial revolution and with revolution comes innovation, change, chaos, and order. There are always good and bad actors in every field of existence. Having a place of trust is rarely seen or found. I follow the below principles to my best ability to serve you the best way I possibly can: