3 Steps to Achieve Anything in Life

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I’ve been waiting to write something about the concept of achieving all the dreams in your life. You and I can probably agree that we as humans have almost unlimited capabilities, potential, and abilities inside us. I think we can achieve anything in life.

We are a species that have evolved the most. You and I can create new things and evolve our surrounding. Humans have abilities that no other species have.

I have always been fascinated by the immense power we have inside us. We can do amazing things with our bodies and minds. I think that the sky is not the limit to human potential.


3 Steps to Achieve Anything in Life


So how do we tap into the inner power we have. How can we achieve anything we want in our lives. Why is it important to accomplish the things we dream of?

For us to evolve, we need pursuit the things we desire the most. You can desire wealth, health, relationships. There is always something we dream of. Something we desire.

It is more than likely something you have heard, seen or experienced and want to have it for yourself. You might have seen a cool car, have read about a lifestyle, have tasted delicious food. You have experienced something, and you want more of it, or you want to have it in your life permanently.

It’s that inner desire that is driving you forward, that inner dream of achieving something, becoming something more. Something you have visioned yourself to be.

Most of us have that. We have desires we want to achieve. Dreams we want to come true. Fantasies that we want to turn into reality.

Lets’ go through how you can achieve anything in your life. It’s only three steps you need to take and master.


  1. Breaking old beliefs and habits

  2. Forming new beliefs and habits

  3. Surround yourself with things you want to have


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Breaking old beliefs and habits

If you think what is keeping you from achieving anything in life. Is it your mindset, habits, thoughts on life, the way of living. What is it?

It’s the combination of all those things. However, the key to success and achieving your dreams and desires is to break your old belief patterns and habits.


The thing that is restricting you is your mind.


There’s no greater power than the power of the mind. At least that’s what I like to think. I haven’t always felt like this. I have gone a process of evolution that has enabled me to believe I can achieve anything in life.

I have had wrong beliefs and wrong attitude towards life. I have thought that I don’t have the resources or strength to evolve. I’m not smart enough.


Beliefs that don’t make you any good

Beliefs are all learned and something the outside world has given you as facts. You believe into something and take it as a fact or as the sole truth. That is so far from the truth though.

Beliefs are one of the things that are holding you back, and that should be broken for you to advance. It’s so logical if you think about it.


If you have old beliefs that are holding you back, how can you ever move forward into new territories? You can’t. You have to break your old beliefs to move forward.


You have to leave behind the things you have believed to be the sole truth. The truths that have taken you this far are also the things that are holding you back and limiting you to move forward.

You have thought the world moves this and that way. Stop with the thought. Stop with your beliefs. They belong to your past. If you want to move forward, you have to leave your past in the past.

You can’t move forward if you have wrong beliefs. For example, you could believe that you are not good enough, not worthy enough, you are not young enough, not old enough.

These are all beliefs that are meant to be broken. You are not defined by your past, or by your thoughts. You are defined by your actions.

Let go of the past. Let go of the beliefs that are holding you back. Let go of your thoughts that are not supporting you anymore.


Habits that don’t support your dreams and desires

Habits and beliefs go hand in hand. Beliefs control your actions and actions forms your habits.

Habits can be dangerous to yourself. They can harm you, not in the way of physical harm but more mental harm. You see, habits if they are not ones that support you, they harm you.

You live your life by the rules you have created for yourself. You have created habits that either support your new goals in life or are harming those.

I have needed to change my habits quite a bit. I needed to change my habits to evolve. I had to cut out things in my life that didn’t support my path to success.


A small personal story on habit breaking

I needed to create new habits to achieve more. Old habits were limiting me. One habit I had before, was playing video games. I have always loved video games and haven’t been able to let go of those.

I have always played a lot of games, like a lot. It’s a habit. The habit of playing games. However, at one point in my life, I realized that if I play video games, I don’t blog, I don’t grow my business.

If I don’t grow my business, I don’t achieve the thing I am after. I can’t achieve the things I want in my life if I do things that don’t support the goal I have set for myself.

It’s so logical but so damn difficult to change your habits. You have always lived in a certain way, and now you have to ditch the old life and start a new one.

You need to do that to achieve the thing you are dreaming of. Your old habits don’t support you. You have gotten this far by doing things in a certain way. Now, you have to change those. You have to do it for yourself.


You love yourself, and you need more in your life. You can’t spend your life on things that don’t push you in the right direction.



Forming new beliefs and habits

Key to achieving anything in your life starts by forming new habits and beliefs. You need to have new things in your life that turns your dreams into reality, turns desires into your way of life.

First, we needed to break old beliefs and habits, and now you need to form new ones. But how do you do that? How do you form new beliefs and habits when you have lived a life in a certain way before?

Let’s assume you are new to these concepts but kind of know, that you need to change yourself for the better. You need a change in your life.

You start with the thought of what you want in your life. What you need in your life.

One of the best parts of being human is that we start to think of possibilities and we are natural problem solvers. We start to think about options and ways to achieve a set goal. You kind of have an idea of how something could be, but that idea hasn’t yet fully manifested.


Creating new beliefs to achieve your dreams

You need to create new beliefs. You start inside. You tap into your inner power and start thinking what is the thing you are good at, what is the area you excel in. Maybe you are a natural problem solver, and maybe you enjoy doing things with your hands, maybe you like math. It can be anything.

The most important thing for you to evolve is that you leave your past behind. Every time your mind says that, naah, you are not good enough. You can’t do this. You don’t know how to do that.


You need to stop thinking destructively. You need to start to think as you can, you will, I am, and I can do anything.


If you think about it. What is stopping you? You can think of this way if you want to. If you are reading this, you are already a person that has realized a change is needed. You need more to your life, and you and I are the same. I am just like you, and you are just like me.

We both have dreams, desires, and fantasies. We have goals, and we want to achieve them. You need to believe in yourself. You have all the power you need, inside you. All you have to do is say to yourself. I can. Say it. I can and I will.

It’s all about reprogramming your inner beliefs to make yourself believe that you can. And here’s the key when you believe (not think) you can, you start to find ways to transfer your beliefs to action.


Creating yourself again

You are creating yourself a new you. Your old you took you this far, now you need to create yourself anew. I needed to do that. To give you a small personal story. I was once bullied in middle school, and it left scars inside me. The bullies told me that I was dumb and not good enough.

The period was destructive to me and very difficult to live through. However, when I gained more confidence and started to develop my mind, I noticed that all I needed to know was my strengths and the walls of ‘me being stupid’ came crashing down.

You see, I needed to find the reason why I thought I was stupid. It wasn’t because they said I was stupid and dumb. It was because I said the same thing to myself. I increased the feeling myself.

Yes, I still regard myself as stupid in some matters, but the thing is I don’t care. I know that if there’s a topic I want to learn and to know everything about it. I can learn. There’s no stopping me; I can learn anything there is to learn. I know that.

There’s nothing that you can’t learn. It’s all about you and your desires to learn. If the subject you would like to learn is something of no, of course, you don’t learn it. This was the case with me.


I needed to learn that I can learn.


Believe that you can change and you can. Create new beliefs, and the world will open to you. It has opened to me, and it will open to you too.

You are able, and you have all the strength inside you already. You don’t need anyone else to achieve your goals.


You are the one you need.


Habits that are formed from new beliefs

Having a new belief system inside you. You start to create new habits for yourself. It’s not even that hard. You are now a new person and want to achieve the dreams and desires you have inside you.

You form new habits that support the goals you have set for yourself. You believe in yourself. You start to act in new ways, and the habits follow along. They will form themselves anew.

One I started blogging all was new and scary. Obviously, because I hadn’t done that before. I knew, however, that for me to succeed, I needed to change my habits. I needed to start doing the work and quit playing those video games.


How to increase your time in a day

I had to change my habits of watching movies, tv-series and doing unnecessary things for me to evolve. I just had to. If you think about it. What is it that you have in your life that is finite? Time. You don’t have time as much as you have money, you don’t have time as much you have air.

Habits and the things you do in your life is all tied to time. Time defines your progress. Time defines what you can achieve. If all you do is use time to something that is not pushing you toward your goals, you are doing yourself a disservice.

You are not using your time efficiently. Time, habits, actions, desires, beliefs, all are tied together. You need to change those. You need to align them towards your goals.

You can’t achieve anything if you haven’t developed habits that are aligned with your goals. It’s so simple and so cruel at the same time.

I didn’t want to give up video games. I want to watch more movies. I want to do so many other things in life. Time. I don’t have time to do those things. I need to use my time towards my goals.

Habits have to be reprogrammed, but thankfully that can quickly be done by changing your beliefs. As you change your beliefs you see your habits forming anew automatically. You see things from a different perspective.

Habits and goals are aligned.


Surround yourself with things you want to have

The last step for you to achieve anything in life is your surrounding, and this is so damn important. This is something I just discovered, and it was the final click I needed to my brain and mind.

When I figured this out it, all became crystal clear. I now understand my life and my potential. I understand what is needed and how I can achieve anything. I just get it.

Let’s dive in and change you for good.

Until this point, we have talked about bad beliefs, habits and how to change them for the better. You now know you need to create new beliefs and habits to succeed and achieve anything in life.

The last piece of the puzzle is your surrounding.

However, so many say that you should get a mentor, or move to another city, or surround yourself with people that share the same passion as you do. Changing your surrounding in other words.

So few take the time to think, that what if you just don’t have anyone close to you that shares the same passion, what if your whole country doesn’t have anyone that is trying to achieve the same as you.

Well, surely there are people in your country that want the same things as you do. Undoubtedly, but it could be that you can’t find them. And this was it when it clicked to me.

I realized that the way for me to achieve the success and goals I’m after, I need to surround myself with things that pushes me in the right direction.


Change your online and social media surrounding

As we all know, social media and the internet is something we continuously tap into. We can be present or not in social media. However, what you need to do is gather people (blog and business owners). Facebook groups, Pinterest boards and so on to your life.

You need to join email lists that share the same passion as you do. You need to join Facebook groups that are aligned with your desires. You need to follow Pinterest boards that give you ideas to turn your dreams into reality.

Change your consuming habits. Change your online surrounding. Online is any way the place you hang out quite a lot of time. So change your feeds to support your goal.

This was a major breakthrough for me. You see, I have always followed different gaming channels, gaming news, movie news and so on. I ditched them all. I changed them to online business channels, entrepreneur news, I changed Pinterest boards to business and made money online boards.

I changed my surrounding so that it supports my new goals. So anytime I go to Facebook, Pinterest, read my email, I get a dose of inspiration. I don’t get distractions.


Tune in with your goals and dreams

It’s important to tune in to the things you desire. Surround yourself with people and businesses that you think can help you. Can inspire you, and give you advice. You need to do that.

You need to get information that is aligned with your goals. You don’t need to know what is the latest movie that hits theaters this month. You don’t need that if it’s not aligned with your dreams. You just don’t

You can get that information so fast to yourself that you don’t have to follow some movie reviews Facebook groups or anything. Only get the information for yourself when you think you need it.

What you need in your life is a new online surrounding if you can’t change your physical surrounding.


A Final Note

Dreams, desires, fantasies, and goals need a new you. You have been able to walk to this point. For you to move forward and achieve anything you want in life, you need three things; new beliefs, new habits, and new online surrounding.

This is so logical if you think about it. How can you ever achieve the things you want in life if your life is not aligned to achieve those. It’s impossible. If I were to play video games and expect my blog traffic to increase 10% next month. The equation is impossible. It’s just not possible.

You need to work on your blog to increase that traffic. You need to do things that are building towards the goal. For my blog traffic to increase, I would need to focus on the things that grow the traffic. Reading a movie review doesn’t do that.

This all might seem like, of course, it works like this. Yes, I know. Changing your beliefs and habits is one of the most challenging things there are.


Let go of your old self and past

You have to ditch your old self and build your self again. You have you to create a new you. And that is not an easy task.

One of the easiest ways to build yourself again is this: You are not defined by your past. You define your future, go and create it.

You need action, and that is the only thing you need. You need to act on things and break yourself free from the things that hold you back.

Don’t be defined by your past. The things you have done in the past belongs to the past. They will always be part of you, but they are not you.

You define yourself and by doing that you will create new habits. Surround yourself with things that support your goals, take you further and finally, you will change your dreams to be the same as your life.


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