The Different Ways To Invest In Metaverse

What Is Metaverse? Facebook Meta isn’t a metaverse. Metaverse isn’t one single thing but a network of things. Metaverse is a digital economy. Metaverse might

The APR Money Printing And TOMB Protocol

The TOMB Innovation Tomb Finance runs on top of Fantom DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) chain and applies PoS (Proof of Stake) consensus mechanism to prevent

Crypto Market Cap Explained

Market Capitalization Market cap is something that is often referred to in the crypto market but also in the traditional markets. Market cap refers to

High APY Crypto Opportunities

Olympus DAO Every high APY (annual percentage yield) project you see out there in the markets today are all more or less copies of the

DeFi 2.0, 3.0 And DeFi Crypto Innovation

In DeFi 1.0, crypto space introduced the concept of swapping, transferring, mining, farming, etc. different monetary assets or tokens without an intermediary. DeFi at its

Crypto Ecosystem Evolution

When Bitcoin launched as a coin, the ideology behind the coin was simple: build a monetary system that no one controls and that everyone can

ICO In Crypto And Token Listings

What Is ICO (Initial Coin Offering)? ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. There are also IDO’s and IGO’s, but they all live under the umbrella

How To Create 1000X Crypto Portfolio

0.2X Portfolio Structure While you might not first think that stablecoin investing is even a thing. In crypto, it totally can be. Stablecoins can be

Crypto Trading Strategies

Getting Started With Trading Platforms While decentralized exchanges (DEX’s) are already an integral part of crypto, the most fluent trading experience can still be had

Narratives In Crypto

What Is A Narrative In Crypto A narrative is a simple way to understand the complexities of crypto and blockchain technology and innovations happening in

1000X Crypto Coins – How To Find Them

-10X Banks Traditional wealth management is going through a disruptive phase as Bitcoin and digital currencies hit the multi-trillion-dollar markets by storm. Banks will take

How The Crypto Market Works

Diffusion Of Innovation Crypto market flow works just like any market does. There are newcomers a.k.a early adopters, there are innovators, early adopters, early majority,

Level 5 Crypto Investing Strategy

As mentioned multiple times before, the bridge to crypto is usually Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the world’s most known cryptocurrency and the reason is that it’s