5XB48 Results

Short description Are you in the business of making money or helping people? Primarily it should be both but what is your driving force? If

5XB47 Change

  Short description It seems like one of the most significant factors in business success is change. You can create change in one’s self. You

5XB46 There Are No Secrets

  Short description How many times have you seen secrets text on a blog post, podcast (like this), youtube video, and where ever? The word

5XB37 Instant Gratification On Sales Pages

  Short description Sales pages are filled with instant gratification. Promises of a better future, guarantees of results of something great. However, how many times

5XB32 Time, Brain, Skills

Short description You have pretty much three different assets when you start your business, and those are, time, brian, and skills. So when you start

5XB16 Creating A Sales Funnel

  Short description This episode is all about sales funnels, email funnels, ad funnels and how they relate to each other. Online business is a

5XB14 Creating A Sales Video

  Short description Creating a sales video is anything but easy. However, getting that first video done makes filming that second video so much easier.

5XB13 How To Become Rich

  Short description Becoming rich isn’t about having a lot of money or having a lot of assets. What if you can become rich just

5XB1: Beginning of Biting

  Short description This is a short origin story on why I chose to build a business instead of continuing the path of a corporate