Goal Setting

5XB51 Imperfect Vs. Perfect

  Short description What people appreciate is a product that delivers what was promised. Can you create a product based on massive imperfect action or

5XB50 Do More By Doing Less

  Short description While it may sound counterintuitive that by doing more, you actually do less. But you may want to try it sometime, and

5XB49 Success Path Vs. Path To Success

  Short description It is downright wrong to present a success path in your online course webinar or somewhere else. And it’s only because the

5XB47 Change

  Short description It seems like one of the most significant factors in business success is change. You can create change in one’s self. You

5XB43 Following The Masters

  Short description Masters, mentors, heroes, icons, idols, guides. Many names for the one you follow. However, the key is, which one to follow, who

5XB39 Maximize Your Time

  Short description By maximizing your time, you can achieve more. By having more time, you get more done. By getting more done, enables you

5XB36 Consequences Of Decisions

  Short description While you might be tempted to make quick decisions and get results quickly, those decisions might bite back in the long-run. So

5XB12 Why Patience Is Everything

  Short description When you are building a business, you more than likely are rushing into things and getting as much done as possible in

5XB7 Building a business is hard

Short description Building a business is anything but easy. How wrong was I when I first started to build my business. In this episode, I

5XB4 Trading time for money

Short description This episode is all about time and money. Should you exchange your time for money and how long are you going to keep

10 Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur wasn’t something I decided to be. Entrepreneurship was something I never considered to be part of my life. Neither would I consider

3 Steps to Achieve Anything in Life

I’ve been waiting to write something about the concept of achieving all the dreams in your life. You and I can probably agree that we