5XB50 Do More By Doing Less

  Short description While it may sound counterintuitive that by doing more, you actually do less. But you may want to try it sometime, and

5XB48 Results

Short description Are you in the business of making money or helping people? Primarily it should be both but what is your driving force? If

5XB32 Time, Brain, Skills

Short description You have pretty much three different assets when you start your business, and those are, time, brian, and skills. So when you start

5XB30 Burnout And How To Avoid It

  Short description Burnout is something I think I haven’t experienced or I have but I haven’t noticed it or defined it. Burnout is in

5XB23 I’m A Dreamer

  Short description This episode is about dreaming. How dreaming can bring you closer to your goal and at the same time take you away

5XB12 Why Patience Is Everything

  Short description When you are building a business, you more than likely are rushing into things and getting as much done as possible in

5XB11 Focus On Yourself Not Others

  Short description This episode all about you and how you should focus on yourself and by doing that you hopefully and slowly become immune

5XB7 Building a business is hard

Short description Building a business is anything but easy. How wrong was I when I first started to build my business. In this episode, I

10 Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur wasn’t something I decided to be. Entrepreneurship was something I never considered to be part of my life. Neither would I consider

3 Steps to Achieve Anything in Life

I’ve been waiting to write something about the concept of achieving all the dreams in your life. You and I can probably agree that we