10 Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur

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Becoming an entrepreneur wasn’t something I decided to be. Entrepreneurship was something I never considered to be part of my life. Neither would I consider to have such characteristics.

Always working and stressing out.

That was my first thoughts when I thought about entrepreneurship. Later I realized it’s nothing about that. So what changed my mind? Being an entrepreneur has always been a curse word for me.

Being an entrepreneur feels like you don’t have anything else in your life besides your work. Your business. Your baby. I don’t want to have that kind of life. Nope, not for me.

I like to live free and on my own terms. So how does entrepreneurship fit into that?

Well, It’s all about that.


10 Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur


Being an online business owner, being an entrepreneur, blogger, whatever term you like to use. It’s all about the same thing.


Being your own boss. Being in charge of your destiny.


You control what happens today and tomorrow. You also decide where your business is heading in the next five years or so.

It’s all about you taking control of your surrounding and taking control of your life. So being an entrepreneur is not that bad when you watch it from the right viewpoint.

Yes, it requires a massive amount of work ahead, but you reap the benefits later and with interest.

So what kind of characteristics should a productive and successful entrepreneur have?

By all means, this is not a complete list and something that tells you to have these features, or you can’t be called an entrepreneur.

This is not that kind of list. This is a list to give you a heads up on what skills and features would be good to have.


#1 ‘I can do’ it attitude

As an entrepreneur, you face a lot of situation where you don’t know what to do. You feel like there’s no solution available.

The key here is to believe that anything can be done. You can do anything, and you have to believe in that. You have to have an ‘I can do it’ attitude so you can solve the problem ahead of you. Know that you can do it.

Be persistent and not willing to give up, you have no other choice than to do the job you are meant to do.

You believe in yourself and in the abilities you have inside you. You are confident in yourself, and you know deep down inside you that you can do it.


#2 I will figure it out

If you don’t know how something can be done or if you simply don’t have the skills to do something. You have to have the mindset of ‘I will figure it out’ to get the job done. If your skills are not enough to solve something you will figure out who has the needed skills.

You and I don’t always have every single skill needed to run an online business. It could be that something needs coding and I for one, don’t have those kinds of skills in my disposal.

What I do have to have is the right mindset and have the will to figure out who might know something about coding for example. I will look for resources online and figure out where can I hire a coder to help my business.


#3 Problem solver

Problems arise in a day to day basis. Either it’s something to do with your WordPress plugins (yeah, they do cause problems now and then), maybe one of your customer is having problems accessing your resources. It could be anything.

If you are not ready to solve problems and you only try to avoid them. Then maybe entrepreneurship and building an online business is not for you. Solving problems is one thing we have to be ready for.

Thankfully humans are somewhat natural problem solvers, but I know some people are just pure lazy and would like everything to be handed for them. If you are one of those, I would think twice before starting an online business.

If you like to solve problems and build your business from the ground up and do most of the things by yourself, then you are ready to fix the issues you will face on your journey.


#4 Take risks

No pain, no gain, right? Taking risks, it feels like you are hurting the mental side of yours.

You feel uncomfortable, you feel like what if you lose it all. You avoid taking risks because your instinct tells you that there might be danger ahead. It’s natural, it’s in our biology to protect ourselves from the things that might hurt us.


Taking risks is not about protecting yourself from the attack of a sabertooth tiger anymore. In business, it’s more about losing money through investments.


Using money, investing, joint ventures, taking risks. You could get hurt, and you could lose money. Investments might go sour, and joint ventures might go wrong.

You start to feel uncomfortable, so you try to avoid those. However, as you are building a business, fear of losing money is not an option. You have to be ready for it. You have to invest in yourself. Use your money to your advantage.

Money is a tool and a way to take risks. Taking calculated risks is a bit better approach than shelving money on to things like paid ads and hoping for the best. So take risk assessments before spending vast amounts of money to anything.

Taking risks is a big part of building your business. So be ready for it and remember to change your mindset about money. Money is a tool and nothing else.


#5 Go all the way

Whenever you jump into things, you go all in. You devote yourself to the subject at hand and commit. Commit yourself to complete the task you have appointed to you, by you.

You don’t leave things open. You finish the job. Doing all that is needed, is essential. Nothing is left behind, and nothing is left undone.


#6 Ability to Focus

If your mind is wandering and you get nothing done. How can your business grow? How can you accomplish anything, if you can’t focus on any single thing needed to achieve?

I think I once had problems concentrating on specific tasks. Later I realized it was never about me being unable to focus on things. It was all about not being interested in the subject. How can I concentrate on a topic that doesn’t interest me the slightest?

For me, I can focus just fine when the subject or the work is interesting. When I am interested in the topic, I have zero problems concentrating on it. I mean, zero. Imagine that.

If you feel like you can’t focus at all, is it because the subject is something that is not interesting enough or is it your surrounding.

I can say that, even if kids are screaming at the house and things are wild around me. I can focus on the subject at hand if I just determine to focus.

Building and growing an online business is always exciting so getting focused is easy.


#7 Have big goals and be very goal oriented

Why have small goals, when you can have big goals? Well, of course, it’s not that simple. We need small and big goals. However, if you have no goals at all, how can you build and grow your business? You can’t.

You need goals for your business, and you have to define what you are aiming for. It could be that you would like to grow your site traffic by 15% every single month.

When you have made goals, you need to achieve them. You have to do everything in your power to achieve your goals — no reason to set them otherwise.

Goals give the structure to your business. Goals determine the path your business is taking currently.

Setting big goals and goals that seem to be out of this world is only a good thing. At least you aim high, and even if you fall short on those, I bet you did a better job than if the goal was a minor one from the beginning.


#8 Seek Results

With setting goals, comes getting results. You might have set big goals for yourself. But you also have to seek results. If you just set goals, but don’t follow the gained results, you are wasting time.

Results are tangible, and you can see and feel the difference. Results are not the same as the time spent on the work. Neither is it the effort you have taken to achieve them.

Results are not achieved by trying. If you try and only get half done, you haven’t accomplished anything. Achievement comes from results attained. Goals getting completed and achieved.

Only seek results and not the halfway done “achievements”. Crush your goals and get results from your hard work.


#9 Commit first and figure out later

I have always been the kind of type that headfirst and think later, and that mentality has hurt me many times. Same goes with commitment. I’ll commit to something, and once the commitment has happened inside me, it’s part of my life.

Same with this blog and online business. I have committed to do everything for this blog and business. And I will never give up. Never. I have decided that and I will keep my decision.

I’m committed and once you do that too. You see the difference of being into something and being committed to something.

There’s a fine line of being into something and being committed. Commitment is like a lifetime decision while being into something is temporary.

If you think I have everything figured out already and I have a clear 10-year plan in my head. You are wrong. Yes, I might have a 5-year plan and 1-year plan, but I don’t have it all figured out.

Then again the beauty of running an online business is that you can evolve your company in any direction you want. The only thing you need with this kind of approach is commitment. Commitment to go all in your business and figure out things later.


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#10 Being uncomfortable

With uncertainty and unknown, comes that uncomfortable feeling. You feel like there are things you don’t know, or you don’t know how to advance. Feeling uncomfortable is ok, don’t avoid it.

You should feel uncomfortable. There are always things you don’t know. It’s ok. Embrace the feeling and move on. Don’t let fear creep into you. Fear easily shows its head when you feel uncomfortable.


If you only seek comfort, how can you evolve?


The things you feel comfortable with, are also the things you have already learned, experienced, know. There’s nothing for you to grow in those areas.

When you feel uncomfortable, it’s also the worlds way of saying you are heading in the right direction. You might have felt inside that you should start a youtube channel and create videos, but you just don’t feel comfortable doing that.

You wouldn’t feel like that if it wouldn’t mean something to you. If creating a Youtube channel would be unneeded, you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. It all makes sense, right?

A final note

As said before this is not a complete list, neither is this a defining list. However, this list is something that defines some nice to have features and characteristics when you start your entrepreneur journey.

It’s good to know what kind of attitude you should have towards entrepreneurship. What kind of mindset and mentality should you develop for yourself?

Entrepreneurs are not some group of special people or extraordinary human beings. Just ordinary people, with normal talents, and ordinary skills. Then again defining normal or ordinary would be another blog post. So I will leave it to this. Just saying that there’s nothing special about entrepreneurs.

One thing I didn’t mention in the list is something more of a personality trait than anything. It’s called positivity — a positive outlook on life. You see the bright side of life. Even when you are tired and exhausted, you can still see the bright side of it.

Being an online business owner is a lot of everything. You have to be prepared for everything and be willing to adapt to situations you haven’t been in before.

Having a positive outlook on things will get you through anything. A positive attitude is something you have to have.


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