How To Be Productive After Work To Blog

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Workday is over, and then it’s time for your other work to start. It’s time to be productive after work. Your blog is waiting for your input.

Depending on the day you, you might be tired as hell or energetic like never before.

I’m going to be speaking from the situation where there’s no energy left in you. Like you are just physically and mentally beat. You have nothing left to give.

It could be that you had an awful day at work (usually they are more or less these kinds of days). Coming to home and there’s either homework waiting or family to feed.


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You first have to do the things that are needed to keep your family and house together. And when it’s finally the time to blog about things, you have to dig deep to find that energy and motivation for it.

It’s anything but easy to have two jobs (your primary work and the side hustle). You are trying your all to push through, and you have the motivation and the vision you want to achieve in life.


Your only way is to make money with your full-time job to pay the bills of your side hustle until you are ready to ditch the whole 9-5 rat race that is not meant for us.


The 9-5 lifestyle is not for you, who wants to build your future and design your days.

You have that urge to do something for yourself, and so you have to keep pushing on. Blogging and building your online business every day, no matter how tired you are or how short you are on time.


This is your life, and you do everything to own it.


So let’s see how you can get things done after your workday.


Organize your mind

Every time I clean my house and get stuff organized, I get this funny feeling of balance that comes with it.

You have cleaned your house, and everything is in their correct place. Toys (if you have kids) and clothes are where they should be. The dust has been cleaned, and things look good and clear.

And it’s that clarity that brings the feeling of balance and order. Now, how does this apply to productivity?

You see, this is kind of the same thing with your mind.


When you clear your mind from all the stuff that’s in there, you create balance and order to your mind.


When you have a balance in your mind, you feel more productive. You are not confused about what you should be doing next. You have a clear mind on the things you should be working next.


How to clear and organize your mind

As with cleaning your house, you are moving from one room to another. The same applies to your mind.

You don’t have to do things to clear your mind, but you have to address the things needed to be done. This is all part of the feeling of overwhelm.

You can’t be productive if you can’t focus on the things that matter. So you move your thoughts on paper or to an excel sheet and pick the things to be done from your mind to the paper.


You are clearing your mind and organizing it.


First, you have to list everything there is in your mind and create a to-do list.

Next step is to prioritize those tasks and transform them into goals. To achieve those goals you have to make results-based action towards those goals.

It’s not enough if you just create a to-do list and don’t measure the results. That’s why it’s crucial that you create goals and your job is to achieve those goals in the time you have set for yourself.

My goal could be like, create a new opt-in form for my website. When you have created that one opt-in, you have completed that goal and you can rest. Done.


You have to make sure that you always focus on one thing and do that one thing to completion.


By organizing your mind, you are more capable of focusing on that one thing that needs to be done that day.


How to Be Productive After Work To Blog juhaekman


Focus on one thing

This is a continuation of organizing your mind theme.

As mentioned before, when you focus on one thing you are more likely to achieve the goal you have set for yourself.

After an exhausting workday, it’s important not to overwhelm yourself with all the things you should be doing.

Your to-do list might be full of things that need your attention but prioritizing your list; you can pinpoint the one single thing that needs your attention today.

If you “focus” on many things, you are not focusing on anything. You are just dabbling and not getting anything completed. It’s best to concentrate on one thing and when that is taken care of, move on to the next one if you still have energy left in you.

I have noticed this in myself. I used to do lots of things at the same time. Writing, then building and designing my website, then write some more. Then plan on some new opt-in for my blog.


You see I wasn’t concentrating on anything. You might already see that I didn’t get anything completed.


The blog post was unfinished, website design wasn’t completed, and the opt-in lacked purpose.

This kind of approach creates instability in your mind. You have started to do many things and what it does, is only creating more chaos to your mind.

You had one thing to do, and now you have a bunch of things to do just because you started to “focus” on a lot of things.

By keeping your focus on one thing, you have a better vision, and it keeps you more productive.


Have a goal you want to achieve

When you and I come back from work, our thoughts are mixed because we are tired and just plain drained.

We spent our energy in the workplace, and now we have to generate more energy to get our blog and online business going.

One efficient way to boost your productivity is to remind yourself of your ultimate goal. The reason you are doing all this. The reason you started blogging and building your online business.

Get your mind back to the reason you work so hard towards your business. Only you can change your life. You are the one that has to do the work.

I’m no different. I have to do the work. I have to remind myself now and then, why I’m doing this. Even when I know, and you know why you build your business. You still have to remind yourself about it.


Live free. Escape the rat-race, transform your life by your hands.


I know these things, as you do too. However, when we are tired we lose our focus, goals and the mindset to achieve the life we are after.


Pain and pleasure in goal setting

What you need to remember about your goal is that you have set it for yourself, you and no one else.

You are experiencing pain in your current life, and the situation you are currently in produces pain, and this has motivated you to break out of it.

You set a goal that you believe will bring pleasure to your life. Remember this goal when you are tired. Go back to the feeling of pain and think of how you can change your life for the better.

Think how that one goal that you have set for yourself brings the pleasure you are after. Achieving today your goal brings you one step closer to achieving your ultimate goal.


You are fighting against the pain to achieve pleasure.


Your ultimate goal in life gives you the energy to go forward. It fuels you as you try to avoid the pain that you experience currently. You can break free from that pain. Your job is to achieve the goal you have for today.


Listen to music

Your mind is busy with thoughts. Workday left scars in you and thoughts are creating feelings that you would like to skip for today.

You are not able to focus as things at work is making you feel bad and maybe irritated. On top of that, you feel low on energy and not motivated to do anything.

You need to stop. You have to take back the control again. Your mind is filled with too much stuff right now. Take a step back and put music on.

Listening to music brings you back to the present, and if you close your eyes and take a deep breath, you can calm yourself down.

Just make sure you listen to music that calms you down. Music has a LOT of influence on our feelings, so picking the right songs is crucial. Listening to something nostalgic and something that brings good memories is very helpful.


Energy boost for insane productivity

What I have discovered is that when you listen to music that pumps up your blood flow and makes you want to move, you will become more productive. You only have to channel that energy to the task at hand.

I tend to listen to EDM music to get my energy up. Putting on music that makes you wanna do things, helps you achieve goals.

Had a good day at work? Use it and put on music that emphasizes that good feeling you have already.


Set a specific time for a particular task

We have talked about how goals, focus and getting results are the keys to productivity. You are not productive if you don’t get results and achieve goals, right.

Closely related to focus is scheduling tasks. When you schedule tasks, you do it with a goal in mind. You are expecting results from that time given for the task.

Scheduling tasks help you focus. You have set a goal for a specific time slot. Let’s say you want to write a new blog post from 7.00 PM till 9.00 PM. So you have two hours to write that blog post.

In that set time, you don’t do anything else than write your blog post. You do not check email, facebook, youtube, nothing. You only write that blog posts and focus wholeheartedly to completing it.

I once was afraid of this kind of goals. The reason was that I feared failure. I feared that I could not write a blog post in two hours. And by the failure, I would have to acknowledge that I’m not good enough. It is making me doubt myself.


If you think you can’t achieve your goal in two hours. You are already making yourself a failure. Don’t do that to yourself.


Your job is to get results from those two hours. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get your blog post finished. The only thing that matters is that you wrote that whole two hours. Think about it if you wrote two hours straight. I bet you have a better blog post than if you were writing for half an hour.



Schedule your tasks and commit to them. It’s funny that it wasn’t too long ago when I was struggling to write 500 words in a day. It just didn’t come naturally. I didn’t have a strategy for it.

Nowadays I write around 3000-5000 words every day. I know it’s not all about the word count in blog posts; it’s about the quality. I get it.

The point here was that when you set a schedule to yourself and commit to it. You can get a lot of things done in a very short period. I write around 2000-3000 words in two hours. And I’m not even speaking English natively.

Schedule your tasks when your mind is too busy to focus on anything.


Eat healthily and get energized

Food and your body health are of great importance. I have never been a person that eats healthily. I like junk food, candy, and soft drinks.

It was a few months ago when I decided to leave candy out of my life. It was a life-changing decision. You see, I have always eaten around 500 g / 1 lb per weekend. My wife can witness that horrific act that happened every weekend.

I have been able to eat that amount of candy because my metabolism has always been damn efficient. I just don’t get fat. However, when I left candy out of my life, I noticed that I feel more balanced mentally and my energy levels are way better than before.

It’s the sugar and bad eating habits that made my energy levels go haywire.


Switch your diet and habits

If you feel like you have zero ounces of energy in you, switch your eating habits, switch your diet. I did that, and it helped me immensely.

Funny fact about my candy abandonment. Leaving candy out of my life wasn’t that easy. I tried everything there was: I created a candy budget, I tried eating only one flavored candy, I bought smaller bags of candy, I switched to weekend only consuming. I tried everything.

Until I just realized that there was no other way than to cut it altogether. Nothing worked for me. I just couldn’t be without candy, so I decided to erase it for good.

Sometimes you have to go to extremes to make it work for you. Switching diet is not an easy thing to do, so modify it slightly. Make some areas of it more healthy. Buy low-fat cheese, for example, take those gradual steps to a healthier life.

A healthy body has a lot more stamina and wellbeing than a body that is full of fat. It’s just a fact that we can’t go around.


After work meal

Every night I eat curd with muesli filled with berries and walnuts. I need protein to keep my energy levels up when I work on my blog. With late nights and energy levels low, food is the source where you will get the energy to make you last that bit longer.

Remember where you get your energy from. Mindset can bring you energy, but your mind needs food. Without food, you can’t energize your mind to make you productive.


Do unpleasant things first

What’s more daunting than knowing you have things to do but can’t get to those before you do the necessary things.

You might have some cleaning to do, or maybe you have to go to the gym. Yeah, I hate the gym. I go to the gym, but I just hate it. I hate exercising, even though the feeling is fantastic after the workout.

It’s one of those things that I just have to do. I have to exercise to stay physically fit and to have a healthy body. Even if I don’t gain weight, I should still take care of my body.

After you have done those needed but unpleasant things, you don’t have to concentrate on those anymore. You have completed something you didn’t like so the next tasks are all pleasure. Right?


Exercise your body and mind

If you are like me and would like to do anything else than to exercise this task might feel so irritating.

As I said, I don’t like to go to the gym. It just doesn’t feel right. I have never had that exercising is an awesome feeling. You know those who are pumped when they get to the gym. They are like on fire. Me, I’m like a wet rug.

Whatever is the situation, you should take good care of your body nevertheless. I go to the gym around twice a week. So time-wise, it’s a tiny portion of the whole week.

Gain stamina and keep yourself fit. You need strength and endurance when you are building an online business. You need those to be productive.

Can you be productive if you get exhausted by just walking stairs? You should be able to write and develop yourself every day, and you can’t do that if your body is deteriorating.

You need your body and mind to live your life to the fullest. Productivity can be increased by being healthy.


Don’t be too hard on yourself

This is the most important thing to remember from this post. Why? Because if you are too hard on yourself, you are damaging your mental health and physical health.

You need sleep, nutritious food, balance and strength to keep up with your side hustle.

If you neglect one of those areas, you will eventually burn out. If you are not able to balance your life, nothing good comes out of it.

Enough is enough and if your goals per day are reasonable and somewhat achievable. Remember to celebrate the wins and feel good now and then.

I’m no master at this as I tend to be quite hard on myself but surely watching some tv won’t do you any harm if you keep it balanced.

However, being too hard on yourself makes the whole blogging and online business feel harder than it should. You are building a business and your blog step by step. Don’t rush it, don’t do things in a hurry.

Take your time and plan tasks beforehand. With correct planning and scheduling, you evade the feeling of overwhelming. This way you can ease the feeling of not doing enough.


By achieving your daily goals, you are doing enough.


A final note

Productivity is always about the energy you have in you. If your body is tired or your mind is tired, it’s all about changing your environment and habits to boost your energy levels.

Being productive after the workday is challenging especially when your day has been bad all around.


Remember that the key to being productive is to tap into different energy sources. Food, mindset, music being the energy sources and focus, concentration, goals being the channels to direct that energy into.


Productivity is all about decisions — a decision to get goals crushed today. If you decide to rest today, then do so. If you have a goal to be crushed, decide to annihilate that goal and get the results you are after.


Commit to your blog and online business. Productivity follows that decision.


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How to Be Productive After Work To Blog, productivity, be productive, easy way to become productive



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