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Disclaimer: Crypto is a fast-paced economy and things change quickly. Information on this post might be outdated even if written today. Do your own due diligence and stay safe. I might get affiliate commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Read the disclosure.

Alpha Gained:

0.2X Portfolio Structure

While you might not first think that stablecoin investing is even a thing. In crypto, it totally can be. Stablecoins can be considered “safe” havens in crypto, coins where you can park your money. However, not all coins are equal and one might argue that stablecoins might not be as stable as the word implies.

There are many stablecoins out there and many blockchains have their own stablecoin. The most notable ones are USDT, USDC, and UST. However, the UST is the one that might just be the one you should be holding. UST belongs to the Terra blockchain ecosystem. Terra has created an algorithmic stablecoin that is pegged to the US dollar.

The way to get 0.2X winnings in crypto could be to hold UST and do what is called yield farming. Anchor protocol is one of those protocols that deserve some attention as it is at the time of writing giving a pretty solid 20% yield on your stablecoins. Anchor protocol lets you earn aUST (UST) on a daily basis, making an APY of 20%. So just by holding stablecoin, you are able to make a lot of profit.

Example Portfolio – $10,000 [Investment]

  • 10,000 UST/ year in Anchor Protocol earns you 2,000 UST/year.

There are other ways to earn a yield on your stablecoins, but Anchor protocol might just be the most lucrative one.

6X Portfolio Structure

When thinking about investing in crypto, you need to think about the risk-reward ratio. The riskier coins you get into your bag, the bigger the reward. However, by obtaining smaller risk coins, you also get a smoother ride to the upward. The Crypto market is full of fluctuation, sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller, so if you want to play it “safe” you pick coins that have a small or non-existent chance of getting rekt.

When the sentiment of the market is positive and the overall vibe of the market is bullish, but still in the beginning stages of a bull run. It’s not a bad idea to keep your portfolio conservative. Before the bull run starts no one really knows will it start or will it turn to a bear market? This portfolio is for those who want to play it safe or as safe as you can in the crypto market.

Bitcoin 80%

Bitcoin is the “gold” of crypto and is seen as the store of value. What that means as an investment. It is considered to go up and never lose value. Keeping your portfolio filled with Bitcoin is a way to “secure” your holdings and if the market dumps, there shouldn’t be a need to sell your positions (if you bought the pump or couldn’t sell before the dump).

Bitcoin will more than likely get back to previous values and break them with enough time given. It has done that over and over again and thus is seen as a safe investment in the crypto world. 

Ethereum 20%

Ethereum can be seen as something of a coin that brings the usage and user to the crypto space. Ethereum while at the time of writing a bit unusable and expensive regarding gas fees is still a solid investment. Ethereum is the second coin that has reached a status of not going away. Ethereum is kind of like Bitcoin as it will stay in the market even when the bear market starts and goes on for years.

Example Portfolio – $10,000 [Investment]

In the last bull run, Q4/2020 – Q2/2021 Bitcoin roughly delivered 500% ROI and Ethereum delivered 1000% ROI.

  • 80% BTC / $8,000 – with 5X ROI = $40,000
  • 20% ETH / $2,000 – with 10X ROI = $20,000

Possible ROI $60,000

You could be making roughly $60,000 if things go well in a bull market. But as things are slowing down overall in the crypto market, it could be that you need to grow your Ethereum position a bit to make more profit, while still playing it safe in the crypto market.

25X Portfolio Structure

This portfolio is already riskier but follows a very clear principle. This principle is based on layer 1 research and reading what the market narrative is in a given timeframe. Is it yelling DeFi, performance, security, interoperability, or something else? There’s always a dominating narrative, some discussion that is booming and could become the next big narrative (metaverse, GameFi).

However, the 20X portfolio is focused on quality L1 blockchains or DAG’s that will improve the crypto space further and have some sort of network effect to be seen. Quality layer 1 solutions need three things to succeed: developers, users, and network effect. This is the first round that they need to win and after that comes more rounds, but that’s the first one. 

Layers 1’s need to incentivize developers to create new dapps to the platform (through seed funding, hackathons, incubation programs, growth funds, etc.), which enables more user adoption and thus usage for the blockchain and thus growth in tokens and coins value. 

Example Portfolio – $10,000 [Investment]

Last bull run used as the ROI metric, Q4/2020 – Q2/2021

  • 50% ETH / $1,000 – with 10X ROI = $50,000
  • 20% ADA / $2,000 – with 57X ROI = $114,000
  • 15% ATOM / $1,000 -with 10X ROI = $15,000
  • 5% ONE / $500 – with 50X ROI = $25,000
  • 5% SOL / $500 – with 36X ROI = $18,000
  • 5% LUNA / $500 – with 70X ROI = $35,000

Possible ROI $257,000

50X Portfolio Structure

This portfolio is already riskier, though you can achieve a 50X portfolio with the strategy laid out in the 20X portfolio. You only need to allocate more to the coins that you believe will do another 70X or 57X in the near future. However, older layer 1 solutions are slowing down, and thus getting 50X from those might take more time. So we have to turn to L2 solutions, dapps in other words. Solutions and projects that enhance the L1 experience further.

Dapps like DeFi, GameFi, NFT’s, etc. all expand layer 1 for the user to actually start using the L1 blockchain or L0 (in Polkadot’s case). What you can already see from this narrative is that whenever a new blockchain is introduced to the crypto space, it usually needs a DeFi dapp behind it and so it’s not a bad place to start researching those 50X gems.

The crucial part for a blockchain to survive is that there are people using the blockchain. Blockchain can be seen as valuable when it has dapps built on it and there are users using the dapps. When that happens the dapps/ coins/ tokens will usually see a price jump and that is precisely where you will catch those 50X gems. So you need to dive deep into the blockchains ecosystem to find these gems.

With this portfolio, we also have to start thinking about categories and not just selecting random L2 coins and tokens. When searching those 50X gems, we have to understand not every coin will be a gem, so you have to know how the market works to find the ones that are worthy of your money.

Example Portfolio – $10,000 [Investment]

Last bull run used as the ROI metric, Q4/2020 – Q2/2021

  • 30% SUSHI / $3,000 – with 37X ROI = $111,000
  • 20% AXS / $2,000 – with 75X ROI = $150,000
  • 20% UNI / $2,000 -with 18X ROI = $36,000
  • 20% STX / $2,000 – with 19X ROI = $38,000
  • 10% MATIC / $1,000 – with 177X ROI = $177,000

Possible ROI $512,000

1000X Portfolio Structure

This portfolio is mainly about gambling and not so much about investing. Pick a few winners that will deliver 1000X and invest $1,000 into each. Sit on your hands a few years and ride the winners. However, even though that sounds like one stupid idea, believe it or not, crypto millionaires are made with this strategy almost every day. The key here is to know what you are buying and see the future value of the project.

The very key is to get the lowest possible price for the project token and then wait until it hits the profit levels you are aiming for. New tokens/projects and coins are presented to the crypto community every day and new projects are launching in launchpads and in exchanges almost daily. So even though you might feel like you have missed the train already and so many times. I can assure you that this space is filled with opportunities but you have to do your own research and thoroughly understand why a project could hit 1000X or even more in the future.

As you could see from the 50X portfolio example, one MATIC-like gem is all you need. And you should also see that only with a $1,000 investment you can make a ton of money, but you need to have patience. The best place to start your research is from Twitter.

At the time of writing the best narratives are GameFi, NFT’s, Metaverse, and DeFi. When you find projects that have these or have even combined these, then you might just be onto something.

Example Portfolio – $10,000 [Investment]

Metric is years and months, rarely can you get 1000X in a few days

  • 100% ETH / $1,000 – with 10280X ROI = $10,280,000
  • 100% BTC / $1,000 – with 940X ROI = $940,000
  • 100% AXS / $1,000 – with 11200X ROI = $11,200,000
  • 100% SAND / $1,000 – with 410X ROI = $410,000
  • 100% MATIC / $1,000 – with 606X ROI = $660,000
  • 100% DOGE / $1,000 – with 3140X ROI = $3,140,000
Written By Juha Ekman

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