Motivation, Passion, And Energy – How to Move Yourself

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Feeling and being motivated is something I struggle with time to time. Motivated to do work, motivated to draw, motivated to cook. Do you always feel motivated when doing those things?

It’s not easy to get motivated about work. If your work is something you are not passionate about, you don’t feel energized about. Do you like to pour your energy into something you don’t feel good about?


Motivation, Passion, And Energy - How to Move Yourself


Motivation, energy, passion is all related to one thing, and that is action. Taking action on things, doing things you know you need to do. If you don’t feel motivated to doing something, you most like won’t act on it.


Motivation, energy, passion are all simple things yet so hard to master. Or control for that matter.


Life throws a mixed bag of things at you daily. Things happen, and you feel like you don’t have any energy left in you to move forward. You know you have to. You have obligations.

Obligations don’t encourage you to take action whereas energy and feeling of motivation do. When you transform obligations to something of pleasure, taking action becomes enjoyable.

Finding pleasure from the work you do is difficult, and it needs to have the element of energy in it. Feeling energized by your work is essential for doing things with maximized productivity.

Let’s go through how you can energize yourself.


Finding motivation again

Being motivated is not hard. It’s actually rather easy. The only thing people lack is the focus they need to complete a particular task. Whenever you feel like you have zero motivation. Ask yourself, are you lost, do you know what needs to be done?


If you are lost or you don’t know what to do next, how can you be motivated to do the thing that needs to be done?


You need to have a focus in your life and to your goals and when you have that. You also receive the motivational part to your doing.

Motivation is only a feeling about a thing that needs to be done. Motivation is there, but you might feel like you don’t want to do something. That, however, is a bit of a different thing. You see, If you don’t like to do something, that means that you don’t feel energized by the thing you are doing.


It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. – Confucius


You need to find the focus back into your work. With focus, you know where to put your energy into. The thing you do becomes so much easier. You do not waste energy on the thought of doing something, you are being energized by the thing you are doing.


Passion and is there such a thing

Passion is seen as something that is deep inside you, something you feel like you want to do or be like. This massive good feeling inside you. You are passionate about a subject. The thing you are doing gives you good feelings and a smile on your face.

The act of doing something is giving you energy, and you feel like you could do it forever. The feeling is driving you forward. It feels good.

Doing things that makes you feel good is only logical. However, not everything you do is good for you. You might be passionate about chocolate. But overeating chocolate might not be the best thing you can do for yourself.

You might be passionate about your current work, you might be in it for the money. What happens when you reach that income goal of yours. Your passion dies, that is what happens. You are empty and feel like nothing is driving you forward.

So not everything you do for passion is good. Passion is not the thing you should even go for. Passion is a thought and a feeling of something you like to do.


What passion is

What passion is at the core is a flow of energy happening inside you. So you might want to ditch the concept of passion and focus on the thing that is causing that passion.

As said before, the thought of doing something out of a passion might not take you too far. Doing the thing, you are passionate about might be good for a while but what happens when you do that long enough. Do you still feel the passion for it, or will it be more like a chore?


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What if you don’t feel the passion

Let’s think about photography. You might feel like taking pictures is a passion of yours. Is it still when you have taken 1000’s of photographs? Might be. What if you are requested to take a picture of something you feel not too comfortable with? And, you are in a position that you cannot say no.

You lose the passion aspect, and it becomes a job. Same as with any work for that matter. When you are assigned to do something that you don’t feel the passion for. You lose the will and drive to get things complete.

So let’s dive into energy and see how you can become more aware of our strengths.


Energy inside you


What you really need is to think about your emotions and things that give you energy. Things that don’t take energy but give you energy by doing them.

Let’s think about graphic design. You start to design a logo, and you feel like it’s the best thing in the world to do right now. You feel like it is easy, it is exciting. You don’t feel like it takes energy form you; instead, it gives you energy.

When you feel energized by doing something, you can do it forever. You go into a state of flow. Something we will cover later. Energy is the feeling you should strive for.


Energy gives you stamina, increases your strength and makes the work ahead of you, feel easy and fun.


Energy is the thing you need to your life. Not motivation, passion and all that carbage. Look for things that energize you. Gives you more than takes.

When something is giving you energy, you move and take action. You don’t feel like it’s something you have to do. It shifts to something you want to do. You feel like, you don’t want to do anything else than just the thing.


Creativity and energy

Creative tasks often give you energy, but it has to be something you get into. Something you like to create. You want to design a website; you want to design an app icon, you want to take a photograph, you want to draw an elephant.

It’s all about you wanting to do something. The want comes from the fact of knowing that it feels good to do that one thing. With want, comes creativity and flow of thinking.

You are boundless. You want to do something, so you don’t feel any pressure of doing that one thing. It is based on wants and the energy you get while doing it.

A final note

Motivation, passion and energy go hand in hand as a concept. Motivation is a lack of focus more than anything. Passion is giving the emotional feeling of wanting to do something and energy fulfilling you to do something.

What sometimes feels like a difficult task to complete might feel on another day a breeze to do. Energy levels, motivation, and passion (if there is such thing) all affect the way you approach taking action.

Everything you do needs action from your part. If any of those three elements are off, the doing part becomes more of a challenge than an enjoyment.

Bring focus to the task at hand and to your life. Think about what needs to be done and why. This accelerates motivation inside you. Next, you need to think about what is the result or the end goal you are aiming for. This will ignite the energy inside you to pursue the goal you have set for yourself.

Motivation, passion, and energy do nothing on their own. They need you. They are always inside you, but you have to tap into them and guide them to reach you.

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Bring in the discussion

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